Makeup Look EOTD: Smoke & Diamonds (hot!)

25 August 2009

I am inlove with MAC Smoke & Diamonds e/s (Starflash). I don't know why I ignored it back then when it was released. Thank goodness for repromotes!

I've got a request to do a look using this e/s and I did. I love it :) also if you notice my lashes... it's because i used both shiseido's mascara base and perfect mascara. I think i found my next mascara :)

you know what i just realised? MAC Smoke & Diamonds is somehow similar to Benefit's Creaseless shadow in Skinny Jeans sans the green specks :)

Here's what I've used:

1. Two-faced Shadow insurance

2. Bare-study paintpot

3. MAC Smoke & Diamonds e/s - all over the lid and on the lower lash line

4. MAC Satin Taupe e/s - on the crease blended inwards

5. MAC Carbon e/s - outer V - for more depth - blended inwards

6. MAC Ricepaper e/s - highlight colour

7. MAC Shore Leave e/s - tear duct to open up eyes

8. Bobbi Brown Black Mauve gel liner - on the upper lash line and alittle bit on the waterline

9. Shiseido Mascara Base

10. Shiseido Perfect Mascara - 2 coats

So what do you think? I likey :)

PS. i used my new Shiseido Eye lash curler too and I LOVE IT. i dont know how to describe it but it just sits properly on your eye, no pinching and no drama and it picks and curls all my eyelashes even the tiniest ones! I have Asian-lashes meaning short and straight so I think for $25 AUD it's worth it because I can see my lashes getting the curl it needs :)

Applying mascara was easy too because the lashes are all set and curled :)


  1. nice ate i like it ehehehehe...

  2. @saly - thank you.. me too.. i wish my camera was clear :)

  3. VERY NICE. I have to learn this trick next time we meet. HAHAHA..

    You need to get yourself a good camera dear. Early Eid present maybe. hehehe

  4. @feli - thank you :) i'll take your suggestion on board.. and will do this look on you when we meet.

  5. I had a look today at MAC and it does look pretty! But I can;t buy anything boo hooo! I have to wait till i go to KL in Sept:) I have a long shopping list! I like the eyeshadows you used! vEry Sexy!!

  6. @shelley - i think you better wait until KL.. shopping is cheaper :) i am going to singapore in 10 weeks so i think i better stop spending.. i too have a loooong shopping list :) and tnx for the compliment. :)

  7. it!!! like feli said, must learn this trick when we meet next time!! ^_^

  8. @shanghainese and michelle - thank you both :)

  9. hey, i was wondering if you could please tell me where you purchased your shiseido eyelash curler...?


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