Makeup Look EOTD: All that Glitters + Sable

27 August 2009

Here's what I would normally wear to work. Very neutral yet it defines my tiny eyes :)

This is actually my lazy day look because it's soo easy I can whip it on in 10 minutes (no joke!) Although saying that, I didn't use to be that fast but because it's my favourite look I sort of found a way to apply it fast yet efficient :P

I love smokey look because with the shape of my eye - smokey look works best.

(Forgive my camera - I am working on a good camera) - Note: I was trying to show the my crease by "pulling a jack nicholson eyebrows" hahaha. I dont have a defined crease so I cheat with makeup.

Here's what I used:

1. Two-faced Shadow Insurance

2. MAC Shore Leave e/s - on the inner V and tear duct - blend well

3. MAC All that Glitters e/s - all over the lid

4. MAC Sable e/s - on the crease blended half way the eye - to create my fake crease

5. MAC Carbon e/s - on the outer V just to give more emphasis to my "fake" crease

6. Bobbi Brown Flesh e/s (matte) - on brow bone - i chose a matte e/s on my brow bone because both All that Glitters and Sable are satin shimmery :)

7. Rimmel Black Kohl pencil - line my upper lash line and water line.

8. MAC Satin Taupe e/s - lower lash line for that subtle smokey look.

9. Shiseido Mascara base

10. Maxfactor 2000 calorie mascara

I am pretty sure these eyeshadows are dupable :) Basically this look require eyeshadow in shades of brown :)


  1. This does look great on you, your lazy look is probably my going out party look hehe :) but you did such a good job, I always can't get the corner creases right, not sure where to start and finish, so sometimes I do have two different looking eyes.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. WoW... It's amazing. I dont think i would be too comfortable with all that shimmer for my day look though.

    I found the perfect eyeshadow yesterday and i am blogging about it tomorrow. hehehehe....This is fun

  3. this IS NICE! dunno how u do it... i jus splash on one shade usually, eyeliner, mascara and off to work i go! lol... u gotta show me one day how to blend diff shades into one yeah! =)

    ur blog is doing great btw... i read it religiously! hehe


  4. @Shanghainese - thank you :) i think i spent so many times doing this looks. you should have seen me the first time i tried doing it :P

    @Feli - yay! im looking forward to the blog post.. :)

    @lydia - hi babes! welcome to my blog :P well, let me know when you're free then we can organise a makeup day :)


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