MAC Graphic Garden Launch - Perth David Jones

22 August 2009

I went, I learned and I bought! (Warning - long post)

I went...

When Perth was nursing a mild storm I was in a mall with a bunch of makeup lovers attending the MAC Graphic Garden launch at David Jones Perth. 

It was a great launch. It's very cozy in a way because we got seats - more like conference type. There were brochures and sample products on the table. There were cards where you can swatch the palette - I thought it's very sweet of them to provide those.

Also present was a very sweet lady serving us food and 2 models that received a makeover using the palettes in the collection.

Here's my proof that i attended :P 
(Note: Photos may be blurry because I used my very old iPhone...hehehe)

(L to R): Emma (MsChikee's favourite MAC MUA), *Ash (Model), Erin (MAC Manager - David Jones Counter)

Photo below is the finish look - my iPhone didn't give any justice but it's a dramatic purple on the lid and green liner on the lower lash line and layers of mascara - it was very gorgeous.

Here are the swatches of the palettes. I didn't get the chance to write down all the names of the shadows except those I liked :)

I learned
  • Yellow is not a flattering colour on lower lash line. 
  • Matte paintpots (ie, Painterly) are easier to blend in eyeshadows
  • Mini brush sets are not made exactly the same as the normal size brushes
I bought

The "darker" lip set :) - love it! 

All in all I enjoyed my evening. It was such a great feeling knowing that I understand them when they are explaining "undertone", "browbone", "crease" :)

Finally, a photo of MsChikee and Emma the makeup artist :)


  1. I was so upset I didnt get to go! My fiance has banned me from buying anything makeup related until I use up the stuff I already have. :( I like the lipsticks!

  2. @shelley - awww.. i was actually expecting to see you there. dont worry there will be a next even close to december. the lippies are the only ones that caught my attention :)


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