An invitation .... should i?

15 August 2009

I received a phone call from Bobbi Brown - Myer Perth counter about this new collection that they are launching next week 20 Aug.

My message was "there's something great happening at BB Myer Perth and we are inviting you to participate. It's the launch of Illuminating bronzer....." yadda yadda yadda...

I saw ads about this bronzer on magazines and I think I even saw some new posters at the counters both Myer and David Jones.

Now, question! Should I go? or should I stay in and just watch some trashy reality TV show!
Well, I am already going to MAC's launch on Graphic Garden on the 20th so I am not really staying in am I?

I think the better question is "should i spend or should i save?"

Let's over analyse this, shall we?

Why YES ?
  • It's really pretty
  • Summer is coming up and illuminating bronzing powder sounds like summer goddess to me
  • I want it
  • did i mention it looks pretty?
Why NO ?
  • It's EXPENSIVE! the shimmer brick itself is $150 AUD (ouch!)
  • I already own quite a few of bronzing powders from MAC
  • I am already a goddess?? HAHAHAHA - ok omit this part
  • I don't need it
it's a tie - 4 yes and 4 no .... For now, I am leaning towards NO. Only because I am not in front of it and I am still making a lot of sense. I mean my brain is still working like how it should be..:)

Let's wait until next week.. if my weakness wins eventually then i'll forgive myself ;)

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