In and Out #3

26 August 2009

I am feeling rather enthusiastic about In and Out and thought i should one right now. So here it goes:


1. Ramadhan - yep, it's started. It's day 4 as I am writing it (probably day 5 when this gets posted online).

2. Embryolisse Lait Creme - I love this cream. I find this cream helps heal my skin when I prick my pimples (BOO!) - bad habit that should be changed.

3. Scholl Foot Cream - i haven't had the chance to blog this but I love this foot cream better than my Norwegian Formula foot cream. (Should i post it?)

4. Victoria's Secret Body Mist and Lotion - I am obsessed! A friend brought me some after his holiday to US. Then I got more off ebay ;) Currently have Love Spell, Romantic Wish, Sweet Daydream and i want more! I just ordered Enchanted Apple - a new scent!


1. Pantene - it made my hair dry :(

2. Pimple Pricking - a bad habit that i have to resolve. How?

And that's it for now. I am feeling very positive having more INs than OUTs :)


  1. is that embryolisse cream the one that you got from France? or is from france?

    I am a pimple pricker too. currently i have one HUGE one on my cheeks.

  2. @Feli - yes the one that i showed you that i got from ebay - made in france. :) i just find that my skin heals faster after i prick my pimple.. :)

  3. :P I'm a pimple pricker too. Bad bad habit. If DH is around and saw me doing that, he'll smack my hand :(


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