I am going! Are you?

15 August 2009

I am going to MAC Graphic Garden launch in Perth! I was invited on both Myer and David Jones counters but I chose the latter only because I like the manager better. I love 3 makeup artists in Myer counter but their manager is not that warm and friendly to me (only to me, i am just sensitive like that).


WHEN: 20th August 2009
WHERE: David Jones Perth
TIME: 5ish (i think)
COST: $60 redeemable on products

If you want to attend I think you can still sign up, just go to the counter and say you're interested. I not promising you'll get in but just try. Either way, the collection is coming out for sale the following week.

Here's a sneak peek:

So far they told me the lipstick sets are only $55 AUD inlcuding the bag :) it has 2 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss and all are in full size. Now I think this is a bargain for Australian consumer because a MAC lipstick costs $35 on its own :)

The eyeshadow palettes are $85 AUD and the brush sets are from $110 AUD.

So if you're attending the launch at David Jones then we can meet!

Just say a code word "Poop" then i'll know you read this post :P

Personally, i am going for the lipstick set only because it's going to be a good gift for someone I know... ME! HAHAHAHAHAHA


  1. Thanks for letting me know! I would love to go! I will try this monday and see if I can get in then we can meet and go crazy over MAC! YAY:)

  2. OMG $55!! Thats a deal just too good to pass up. Poop hehe your so silly =D

  3. @shelley - that would be great... remember the code word :) hope to meet you soon :)

    @jodie - i know! what a bargain eh? when the MA told me i was like are you for real? they even had to ask head office to double check.. LOL


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