A very humble haul - MAC Love that Look

24 August 2009

With Ramadhan on, I am very wary of my spending. I have to be humble for any purchase that I decide to do.

So here is my very humble haul from MAC Love That Look - SMOKE & DIAMONDS.

I initially wanted to "check" Style Snob, Rated R and Fashion Groupie but when I saw it in person and did some swatching I wasn't impressed. I thought I already have something similar. Although, I may have to come back to get Grand Entrance or Unbasic White. Decisions, Decisions.

For now, Smoke & Diamonds will do for now.

Here's a swatch for you, you know for a moment I thought it's the same with my Bobbi Brown Fawn eyeshadow but thank goodness it's different.. I almost had a heart attack!
Bobbi Brown Fawn is on the brown side while Smoke & Diamonds is more on the silvery/grey side.

I am excited to use it :)


  1. I went to Face Shop today and will do my review on the haul tomorrow. heheheh...I have to remember to do swatches though. HAHAHA

  2. Thanks for the swatch :) you should wear them on your eyes and show us one day...

  3. @Feli - i went there yesterday too! hehe after i read Shelley's blog - i wanted the Raspberry Roots mask and they only have it in JO so i asked to be transferred :) but you should do a HAUL post :) it's so much fun.

    @Shanghainese - yes, i will try my best :)


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