Getting Acquainted with Shiseido

25 August 2009

Feli of Life in Mono sent me a voucher for free Shiseido Mascara. She knew that I live by their mascara base and thought that i would love this too.. too sweet right? *Thanks Fels!

I went to the counter and got my free sample and what do you know it didn't stop there! HAHAHA knowing myself, i was pretty "sad" that time so I had to get something to cheer me up.

I don't know much about Shiseido except their mascara base and the free mascara i am yet to try so i am really hoping to know more so i think I'll be signing up for a makeup + skincare session :)

BTW - see that red box? that's what I got to "cheer" me up. My current lash curler is not performing well. I wanted to get Shu Uemura's but it's not available in Perth (Booo!) so i just opted for this. I got it for $25 and it's part of their new collection released last week. I haven't used it yet but i'll tell you how i go :) I am excited!

Vouchers are such an enabler!


  1. I'm excited too, heard so much about that eye lash curler, I've got a Kevin Aucoin one, personally I don't think it's different to any other cheaper ones, can't believe I paid so much for it.

  2. @shanghainese - i tried it this morning and i am inlove! i feel like curling my lashes every day now.. hehehe

  3. HAHA... no worries. I was suppose to get mine last friday but didn't have time. I have to go again either tomorrow or Thursday.

    Like SD i also have the Kevin Aucoin curler. Tiff got it for me 2 christmas's ago. heheheh...

    Let me know how you go with it.


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