Coming Soon: Nars' Cleansing Oil

30 August 2009

Introducing my new series called "Coming Soon". This will feature products that are going to be released in US and/or UK and "hopefully" will be coming soon to Australia. 

First on the series is Nars' Cleansing Oil which is scheduled to be released in September 2009 in US  ($40) - (source:  TalkingMakeup) -me new fave beauty blog to read.

I am so happy to know this up coming product from Nars. I am currently hooked on cleansing oils thanks to Shu Uemura :)

So how is this different from say Shu Uemura? Product description says "can be applied with wet or dry hands and rinses off effortlessly". We'll see about that when I get my hands on this baby.

I am pretty sure once it hits Australian market, it will be 3x the price in US. I am sad already just thinking of how much it will cost.


  1. Can't wait for your review about this :)

  2. @shanghainese - me too! i think it will take a while for this to reach Australian Shores :( also i hope it doesn't cost too much.

  3. totally agreed, why is the markup so crazy in aus. don't even start me on shu here!

  4. @steph - it's sad right.. :(
    just have to be smart in spending i guess and go crazy if you get a chance to get it overseas :)


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