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17 August 2009

I am currently obsessed with House of Harlow 1960 collection and I am yet to be a proud owner of one of it's earrings.

This is what I want but in black ;) It's called Deco Earrings.
I found a stockist in Australia and they sell online and the site is called MIIJO :) But I must warn you that the prices are a bit high. However, since the designs are very unique and oozes with a lot of personality, I don't mind paying for it. Saying that I haven't got the chance to order one just yet but give me time :)

Anyway, on my lunch break again today while wandering around town and doing my "cardio" aka window shopping, i stumble upon a pair of earrings that is close enough to the one I wanted from House of Harlow. Of course I got it :) I wouldn't leave the store without it!

Warning - this is in my opinion. The design is not that similar but the shape and the idea is similar. You be the judge....

It's from Sportsgirl and it's $19.99AUD. It's gold plaited and very light in weight :) I was happy to get it because lately I've been focusing on my accessories and classic clothing pieces.

so what do you think? is it close enough? I think so!

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