change of heart

12 August 2009

Remember my post about the MAC Colour Craft collection? That I was disappointed? And that I only got a lipstick and dismissed the MSFs that I initially wanted?... Remember? *yes, yes, yes*

Today, I had a minor change of heart on that collection. "My loneliness is killing me..." is what I felt at lunch time today while walking around town, killing time. I am in search of something that will kill my loneliness... HAHAHA
I walked past the MAC counter TWICE! and still held my nose up high and ignored temptation - but I FAILED! I gave in!

Leaving the details of my weakness in the past, I am now a proud and happy owner of mineralised blush in Daft Pink.

According to MAC website, shade description - it is a Deep blue pink with light white yellow veining - but to me it's more like just pink blush with gold veining! HAHAHA and it's gorgeous though!

Someone said that it's the same as Petticoat MSF - well it's not! In my opinion, Petticoat is more bluish-pink with purple specks while Daft pink is just a gorgeous warmer pink with gold veining.

It gives you that soft-spring time look - which I am trying to achieve at the moment.

It's not as glittery as I imagined it would be and it doesn't accentuate my pores - at least I think it doesn't. I might have ask my ManFriend to be the judge on that.

Anyway, here is a swatch and my apologies for the lighting...

I really love it! I wonder how I didn't notice it when it first came out. I think I was put off with the "too glittery" comment from YT haul vids ... sigh, the power of YT i tell you.

Here's how it looks on my cheeks...

I am now a happy woman. I consider this a an early reward for my scheduled cervical cancer vaccination tomorrow :)

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  1. is this your first vaccination shot? i had all of mine taken. 3rd shot is the worst!! :P


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