pulling a Scarlett Johansson :)

31 August 2009

Have you seen this ad ?
FOCUS on the eye makeup and not on her girls ! When I saw this on a US magazine I immediately though to myself "I want her eye makeup". I actually thought of getting the quad but since it's D & G - i know for sure that it will burn holes in my pocket so I think I'm going to get in touch with my inner-resourceful self and find dupe colours. It looks like a simple black smokey eye look :)

And my quest to learn to recreate the look is now made easy when I saw this video from one of my favourite makeup guru - Sarah Victor

I jumped for joy when I saw that she recreated the look! She's great in recreating looks and I love that she's precise and very straightforward in her videos and I love the quality of her camera :D

Can't wait to try it out!

If only I can get a MAC Feline liner.. Dear MAC, please do a repromote of this soon!

Coming Soon: Nars' Cleansing Oil

30 August 2009

Introducing my new series called "Coming Soon". This will feature products that are going to be released in US and/or UK and "hopefully" will be coming soon to Australia. 

First on the series is Nars' Cleansing Oil which is scheduled to be released in September 2009 in US  ($40) - (source:  TalkingMakeup) -me new fave beauty blog to read.

I am so happy to know this up coming product from Nars. I am currently hooked on cleansing oils thanks to Shu Uemura :)

So how is this different from say Shu Uemura? Product description says "can be applied with wet or dry hands and rinses off effortlessly". We'll see about that when I get my hands on this baby.

I am pretty sure once it hits Australian market, it will be 3x the price in US. I am sad already just thinking of how much it will cost.

New Love: Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

29 August 2009

Finally I got my hands on this tiny thing that promises big hair :) I found a stockist in Perth (Yay!) I got mine at Luxe Concept Salon in Garden City but I think you can get it at any salon that sells Aveda products.
I read mixed reviews from beauty blogs that featured this product. More are yay than nay so I think it's worth the try.

I tried it today and to be honest I'm impressed with the concept. It's a powder that liquifies when you rub it on your scalp and if you add a drop of water it turns into a paste. I applied it today on dry hair (directly on my scalp) and instantly I got 'a' volume that I wanted to achieve from Bumble 'N Bumble Surf spray volume,texture, sexy, messy hair. I still love BnB surf spray but I find this potion easier to work with :)

I thought it's only made for short hairs (ie, the Bob) but when I went to Aveda's website I learned Tips, Benefits, Usage.

My Fave tip - To create texture on longer hair, apply potion before braiding or twisting hair, then take it down.  I'll try this tomorrow and if it's succesful I'll post a photo else I'll try again next day :)

I also read that you can use this to absorb oil from your scalp on days that you didn't wash your hair - "dry shampoo". I haven't tried it like that but I might one day. I try to wash my hair everyday but at the same time I try to skip 1 day or 2 in a week and let the natural oils nourish my hair - my hair dresser told me that it's healthy to do that :)

Anyway, this is sold for $39.95 AUD - 20g - it's a bit expensive for the size. I didn't expect it to be that expensive and small but I drove all the way to Garden city just for this so might as well get it and try it.

Look how tiny it is! Either i have giant hands or it's really tiny :P

If you love big, sexy, messy, textured hair then give this one a try :)

New Love: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

28 August 2009

In search of new things to add to my skin care, I started watching just "Skin care" videos from YT and saw this vid from Pixiwoo where they talked about Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil. Pixiwoo and guest on that video talked about how great this product is, how your skin care regime becomes so simple, quick, easy, effective, etc. 

I was convinced 100% and was determined to find it! In fact, i started googling for stockists in Australia and what do you know?! It's only available in Melbourne and Sydney! (NOTE: i was told that this is available in Philippines)

I was already going to give up and just wait when I get a chance to visit a Shu Uemura store overseas or over east UNTIL... a dear friend *Renee advised me that she's going to Melbourne for the weekend :) I don't know about you but to me that's a SIGN that I should get the cleansing oil *sheepish smile* 

The bottle is soooo cute don't you think?

About the product and my experience

1. it's an oil but once mixed with water it becomes like a soap 

Yes! it doesn't feel like say baby oil when applied but you can definitely feel that it's an oil. Then when you emulsify it with water it becomes like a soap.

2. it takes away all your makeup 

it took all my makeup except my mascara although saying that I didn't really apply around my eyes for some reason so maybe that's why. When i rinsed it off my skin was SUPER clean but not dry. :)

How do you use it?

1. Take 2-3 pumps of cleansing oil on to the palms of dry hands
2. Gently smooth over dry face
3. Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil
4. Rinse thoroughly with water

*Avoid contact with water on hands or face prior to application
*In case of contact with eye, rinse immediately

By the way, this is not cheap, it's $105 AUD but you're paying for 450ml/15.2 FL OZ size. It's huge!
It's a bit pricy so we'll see if I will repurchase. I am glad that I decided to get it now though while I can so I can try it out. 

We'll see how we go but so far so good for except the mascara which if you know a trick on applying on the eye area then let me know.

Thanks *Renee for taking the time to this for me :)

My mum once told me to "invest" on skin care because it's your skin's future. 

Makeup Look EOTD: All that Glitters + Sable

27 August 2009

Here's what I would normally wear to work. Very neutral yet it defines my tiny eyes :)

This is actually my lazy day look because it's soo easy I can whip it on in 10 minutes (no joke!) Although saying that, I didn't use to be that fast but because it's my favourite look I sort of found a way to apply it fast yet efficient :P

I love smokey look because with the shape of my eye - smokey look works best.

(Forgive my camera - I am working on a good camera) - Note: I was trying to show the my crease by "pulling a jack nicholson eyebrows" hahaha. I dont have a defined crease so I cheat with makeup.

Here's what I used:

1. Two-faced Shadow Insurance

2. MAC Shore Leave e/s - on the inner V and tear duct - blend well

3. MAC All that Glitters e/s - all over the lid

4. MAC Sable e/s - on the crease blended half way the eye - to create my fake crease

5. MAC Carbon e/s - on the outer V just to give more emphasis to my "fake" crease

6. Bobbi Brown Flesh e/s (matte) - on brow bone - i chose a matte e/s on my brow bone because both All that Glitters and Sable are satin shimmery :)

7. Rimmel Black Kohl pencil - line my upper lash line and water line.

8. MAC Satin Taupe e/s - lower lash line for that subtle smokey look.

9. Shiseido Mascara base

10. Maxfactor 2000 calorie mascara

I am pretty sure these eyeshadows are dupable :) Basically this look require eyeshadow in shades of brown :)

In and Out #3

26 August 2009

I am feeling rather enthusiastic about In and Out and thought i should one right now. So here it goes:


1. Ramadhan - yep, it's started. It's day 4 as I am writing it (probably day 5 when this gets posted online).

2. Embryolisse Lait Creme - I love this cream. I find this cream helps heal my skin when I prick my pimples (BOO!) - bad habit that should be changed.

3. Scholl Foot Cream - i haven't had the chance to blog this but I love this foot cream better than my Norwegian Formula foot cream. (Should i post it?)

4. Victoria's Secret Body Mist and Lotion - I am obsessed! A friend brought me some after his holiday to US. Then I got more off ebay ;) Currently have Love Spell, Romantic Wish, Sweet Daydream and i want more! I just ordered Enchanted Apple - a new scent!


1. Pantene - it made my hair dry :(

2. Pimple Pricking - a bad habit that i have to resolve. How?

And that's it for now. I am feeling very positive having more INs than OUTs :)

Makeup Look EOTD: Smoke & Diamonds (hot!)

25 August 2009

I am inlove with MAC Smoke & Diamonds e/s (Starflash). I don't know why I ignored it back then when it was released. Thank goodness for repromotes!

I've got a request to do a look using this e/s and I did. I love it :) also if you notice my lashes... it's because i used both shiseido's mascara base and perfect mascara. I think i found my next mascara :)

you know what i just realised? MAC Smoke & Diamonds is somehow similar to Benefit's Creaseless shadow in Skinny Jeans sans the green specks :)

Here's what I've used:

1. Two-faced Shadow insurance

2. Bare-study paintpot

3. MAC Smoke & Diamonds e/s - all over the lid and on the lower lash line

4. MAC Satin Taupe e/s - on the crease blended inwards

5. MAC Carbon e/s - outer V - for more depth - blended inwards

6. MAC Ricepaper e/s - highlight colour

7. MAC Shore Leave e/s - tear duct to open up eyes

8. Bobbi Brown Black Mauve gel liner - on the upper lash line and alittle bit on the waterline

9. Shiseido Mascara Base

10. Shiseido Perfect Mascara - 2 coats

So what do you think? I likey :)

PS. i used my new Shiseido Eye lash curler too and I LOVE IT. i dont know how to describe it but it just sits properly on your eye, no pinching and no drama and it picks and curls all my eyelashes even the tiniest ones! I have Asian-lashes meaning short and straight so I think for $25 AUD it's worth it because I can see my lashes getting the curl it needs :)

Applying mascara was easy too because the lashes are all set and curled :)

Getting Acquainted with Shiseido

Feli of Life in Mono sent me a voucher for free Shiseido Mascara. She knew that I live by their mascara base and thought that i would love this too.. too sweet right? *Thanks Fels!

I went to the counter and got my free sample and what do you know it didn't stop there! HAHAHA knowing myself, i was pretty "sad" that time so I had to get something to cheer me up.

I don't know much about Shiseido except their mascara base and the free mascara i am yet to try so i am really hoping to know more so i think I'll be signing up for a makeup + skincare session :)

BTW - see that red box? that's what I got to "cheer" me up. My current lash curler is not performing well. I wanted to get Shu Uemura's but it's not available in Perth (Booo!) so i just opted for this. I got it for $25 and it's part of their new collection released last week. I haven't used it yet but i'll tell you how i go :) I am excited!

Vouchers are such an enabler!

A very humble haul - MAC Love that Look

24 August 2009

With Ramadhan on, I am very wary of my spending. I have to be humble for any purchase that I decide to do.

So here is my very humble haul from MAC Love That Look - SMOKE & DIAMONDS.

I initially wanted to "check" Style Snob, Rated R and Fashion Groupie but when I saw it in person and did some swatching I wasn't impressed. I thought I already have something similar. Although, I may have to come back to get Grand Entrance or Unbasic White. Decisions, Decisions.

For now, Smoke & Diamonds will do for now.

Here's a swatch for you, you know for a moment I thought it's the same with my Bobbi Brown Fawn eyeshadow but thank goodness it's different.. I almost had a heart attack!
Bobbi Brown Fawn is on the brown side while Smoke & Diamonds is more on the silvery/grey side.

I am excited to use it :)

i can see Butterflies

If you see a very pretty dress in a store you wouldn't think will have pretty dresses what will you do? Try it!

Let's say you tried it and you fall in love with it, what will you do? Check the price tag!

And when you see the price and see $39.95AUD, what will you do? I buy it!

Long story short, I bought a very nice dress for under $50.00 AUD. It's from Jay-jays and it's the "Butterfly dress". They have new maxi dresses for $40 AUD as well.

New MAC Collections now out in Australia :)

23 August 2009

Two MAC Fall '09 Collections hit Australian market just in time for spring? Yep!

Just received an email about these 2 new collections and I am really hoping to have a look and see soon :)

MAC Love that Look - featuring 8 new Starflash eyeshadow. I am not sure if some of the shadows are repromote but I know there that there at least 2 eyeshadows that I want to see in person - RATED R, FASHION GROUPIE, STYLE SNOB.

MAC Baby Bloom - featuring lip tints (Suntints Liquid Lip Balm SPF 20) and tinted moisturiser (Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15). Now this I have to see in person. I am always a big fan of tinted moisturiser - the one that doesn't break me out so I can see myself asking for a sample :) I better do some research as well now to think of it. I better watch some haul vids on YT :)

I can't wait to check them out! If you've seen it in person, let me know if it's a Yay or Nay ? :)

MAC Graphic Garden Launch - Perth David Jones

22 August 2009

I went, I learned and I bought! (Warning - long post)

I went...

When Perth was nursing a mild storm I was in a mall with a bunch of makeup lovers attending the MAC Graphic Garden launch at David Jones Perth. 

It was a great launch. It's very cozy in a way because we got seats - more like conference type. There were brochures and sample products on the table. There were cards where you can swatch the palette - I thought it's very sweet of them to provide those.

Also present was a very sweet lady serving us food and 2 models that received a makeover using the palettes in the collection.

Here's my proof that i attended :P 
(Note: Photos may be blurry because I used my very old iPhone...hehehe)

(L to R): Emma (MsChikee's favourite MAC MUA), *Ash (Model), Erin (MAC Manager - David Jones Counter)

Photo below is the finish look - my iPhone didn't give any justice but it's a dramatic purple on the lid and green liner on the lower lash line and layers of mascara - it was very gorgeous.

Here are the swatches of the palettes. I didn't get the chance to write down all the names of the shadows except those I liked :)

I learned
  • Yellow is not a flattering colour on lower lash line. 
  • Matte paintpots (ie, Painterly) are easier to blend in eyeshadows
  • Mini brush sets are not made exactly the same as the normal size brushes
I bought

The "darker" lip set :) - love it! 

All in all I enjoyed my evening. It was such a great feeling knowing that I understand them when they are explaining "undertone", "browbone", "crease" :)

Finally, a photo of MsChikee and Emma the makeup artist :)

Mschikee's Next Top Eye Cream is.........

19 August 2009

yes, my hunt is over for now! I finally found my new eye cream. This Works: Tired Eye Serum

I really like the brand name. It's very positive :)

I did get a sample of this and Kiehl's Abyssine Eye cream. I was far more impressed with This Works than Kiehls.

It's very hydrating.

It actually helped reduce puffiness under my eye.

It's lightweight when applied.

It sinks in the skin so fast.

Holds concealer and corrector in place (ie, great under eye primer)

The packaging is way better because of the pump - very hygienic. I hate sticking my finger in and contaminating the whole product. Pump is always better and cleaner :)

I was told that it actually helps reduce fine lines so we'll see in weeks time if it adheres to my plan to have less fine lines, no puffiness and no tired looking eyes!

The MA also told me that it treats under eye dark circles so we'll see about that also :)
I should be able to do a proper review in few weeks time

Also here's a great info that was on the side of the box, thought you might want to know:

So if you're looking for a new eye cream maybe you want to try this? Get a sample first and try it for a week.

This Works. is available in Mecca Cosmetica here in Australia and it's $75.00 AUD. It's a UK company so I am not sure if it's available in US.

This Works.' products are all organic according to the website which is a great change for my skin care. I am so tempted to try all their skin care :)

PS: Remember that the life span for any eye cream is 6M after first use :)
PPS: GNCXHHD10369442

it's a hairy business

18 August 2009

My hair is soooo dry! I changed my shampoo to Pantene a month ago and it's a big mistake. For almost 5 years now I've been using Herbal Essences and I am really happy about it. In fact my hairdresser told me that my hair is at its healthiest.

I love both the original and new herbal essences because of the smell and how moisturising it is on the hair.

Now I don't know what happened but I decided to change to Pantene! And my hair is now super dry! I hate it! It's like it strips off all my hair's natural oils :(

And that's why on my way home today, I picked up these goodies :) I am once again reunited!

I haven't seen the Long Term Relationship range (red series) so i think it's new. It's meant for long hair to keep it healthy and free from split ends and dryness. I also got the hair mask (the one in the red tub) which treats dryness and i got the "keep it straight" leave in conditioner just because it's Pink :P

Seriously, I deeply regret changing to Pantene. sigh... if only i could turn back time :P

What's the shampoo that works for you?

close enough :)

17 August 2009

I am currently obsessed with House of Harlow 1960 collection and I am yet to be a proud owner of one of it's earrings.

This is what I want but in black ;) It's called Deco Earrings.
I found a stockist in Australia and they sell online and the site is called MIIJO :) But I must warn you that the prices are a bit high. However, since the designs are very unique and oozes with a lot of personality, I don't mind paying for it. Saying that I haven't got the chance to order one just yet but give me time :)

Anyway, on my lunch break again today while wandering around town and doing my "cardio" aka window shopping, i stumble upon a pair of earrings that is close enough to the one I wanted from House of Harlow. Of course I got it :) I wouldn't leave the store without it!

Warning - this is in my opinion. The design is not that similar but the shape and the idea is similar. You be the judge....

It's from Sportsgirl and it's $19.99AUD. It's gold plaited and very light in weight :) I was happy to get it because lately I've been focusing on my accessories and classic clothing pieces.

so what do you think? is it close enough? I think so!

An invitation .... should i?

15 August 2009

I received a phone call from Bobbi Brown - Myer Perth counter about this new collection that they are launching next week 20 Aug.

My message was "there's something great happening at BB Myer Perth and we are inviting you to participate. It's the launch of Illuminating bronzer....." yadda yadda yadda...

I saw ads about this bronzer on magazines and I think I even saw some new posters at the counters both Myer and David Jones.

Now, question! Should I go? or should I stay in and just watch some trashy reality TV show!
Well, I am already going to MAC's launch on Graphic Garden on the 20th so I am not really staying in am I?

I think the better question is "should i spend or should i save?"

Let's over analyse this, shall we?

Why YES ?
  • It's really pretty
  • Summer is coming up and illuminating bronzing powder sounds like summer goddess to me
  • I want it
  • did i mention it looks pretty?
Why NO ?
  • It's EXPENSIVE! the shimmer brick itself is $150 AUD (ouch!)
  • I already own quite a few of bronzing powders from MAC
  • I am already a goddess?? HAHAHAHA - ok omit this part
  • I don't need it
it's a tie - 4 yes and 4 no .... For now, I am leaning towards NO. Only because I am not in front of it and I am still making a lot of sense. I mean my brain is still working like how it should be..:)

Let's wait until next week.. if my weakness wins eventually then i'll forgive myself ;)

I am going! Are you?

I am going to MAC Graphic Garden launch in Perth! I was invited on both Myer and David Jones counters but I chose the latter only because I like the manager better. I love 3 makeup artists in Myer counter but their manager is not that warm and friendly to me (only to me, i am just sensitive like that).


WHEN: 20th August 2009
WHERE: David Jones Perth
TIME: 5ish (i think)
COST: $60 redeemable on products

If you want to attend I think you can still sign up, just go to the counter and say you're interested. I not promising you'll get in but just try. Either way, the collection is coming out for sale the following week.

Here's a sneak peek:

So far they told me the lipstick sets are only $55 AUD inlcuding the bag :) it has 2 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss and all are in full size. Now I think this is a bargain for Australian consumer because a MAC lipstick costs $35 on its own :)

The eyeshadow palettes are $85 AUD and the brush sets are from $110 AUD.

So if you're attending the launch at David Jones then we can meet!

Just say a code word "Poop" then i'll know you read this post :P

Personally, i am going for the lipstick set only because it's going to be a good gift for someone I know... ME! HAHAHAHAHAHA

change of heart

12 August 2009

Remember my post about the MAC Colour Craft collection? That I was disappointed? And that I only got a lipstick and dismissed the MSFs that I initially wanted?... Remember? *yes, yes, yes*

Today, I had a minor change of heart on that collection. "My loneliness is killing me..." is what I felt at lunch time today while walking around town, killing time. I am in search of something that will kill my loneliness... HAHAHA
I walked past the MAC counter TWICE! and still held my nose up high and ignored temptation - but I FAILED! I gave in!

Leaving the details of my weakness in the past, I am now a proud and happy owner of mineralised blush in Daft Pink.

According to MAC website, shade description - it is a Deep blue pink with light white yellow veining - but to me it's more like just pink blush with gold veining! HAHAHA and it's gorgeous though!

Someone said that it's the same as Petticoat MSF - well it's not! In my opinion, Petticoat is more bluish-pink with purple specks while Daft pink is just a gorgeous warmer pink with gold veining.

It gives you that soft-spring time look - which I am trying to achieve at the moment.

It's not as glittery as I imagined it would be and it doesn't accentuate my pores - at least I think it doesn't. I might have ask my ManFriend to be the judge on that.

Anyway, here is a swatch and my apologies for the lighting...

I really love it! I wonder how I didn't notice it when it first came out. I think I was put off with the "too glittery" comment from YT haul vids ... sigh, the power of YT i tell you.

Here's how it looks on my cheeks...

I am now a happy woman. I consider this a an early reward for my scheduled cervical cancer vaccination tomorrow :)

Cherries in the Snow

11 August 2009

I finally have it! Most of the beauty blogs that I follow raved about this product and I am left with this overwhelming want to have it!

It's not available in Australia just yet so please don't go hunting for it at your local stores like I did instead try eBay :) I got mine off eBay for $10AUD including shipping :) really good bargain I think and I got 2 for 1 kind of thing so it's really really good :)

I must admit that it is much prettier in person than what I've seen in photos from blogs. In my opinion, it doesn't have that much blue undertone to it so it's more wearable than the any other red lipsticks that I own like MAC Cremesheen in Brave Red.

The texture is very creamy it's almost butter on your lips! :)

You will still need to use a lipliner when you opt to do a red lips look. Think of Gwen Stefani as your muse or Christina Aguilera.

Here is a swatch of it and snap shot of my lips wearing it :) (Note: I use a lipliner on this photo so you'll see all the smudge marks on the edge of my lips - it was merely for blogging purposes)

taming the wild...

10 August 2009


I used up my anti-frizz serum which is from Natural Look called DJ Shine Serum. I have been using it for 3 years and never tried anything but I decided to change that! So instead of just ringing my hairdresser asking for a bottle I decided to go on a hunt!

So on my way home, I stop by the new Priceline store at the train station (i tell you this is going to be a problem eventually, i see myself coming here before and after work) and found this promising little thing... SAMYSILK Anti-Frizz Smoothing serum :)

I got intrigued by the $1 off the original price offer HAHAHA. This is sold for $14.99 but only paid $11.99 so i don't really get the $1 thing! not that i am complaining, i love bargains :)

It says it's lightweight; designed to protect, polish, smooth and add shine; Another thing on the box says "it's specially formulated with 4 micro-silicones and extracts" - so far I like..

I'll let you know how i go with this product in weeks time, follow me on twitter and for sure i'll ramble about this.. hopefully it's positive ramblings :)

If you've tried this before then let me know what you think of it :)

New Love: Mode Cosmetics :)

If you read my other post, I went on a shopping spree on nail polishes only because I saw one shade featured on a gossip magazine :) you know the whole story, i saw the picture and i loved it then i went looking for it and found it, bought it then now i am blogging about it... phew!

The polishes are from Mode Cosmetics and it's only $2.45 a piece. It's very pigmented and dries very fast. I think this is available everywhere but in a different packaging? I found www.modecosmetics.com but their logo is different from what is on the nail polish bottles and that made me think that it could be different company all together.

Here's what I got, from left to right - Cerise (Red), Style Magnet (Midnight Blue), Trend Setter (Gold), Boysenberry (Violet)

I love each one and I can't decide which one should i use first ;) I think each colour compliments my skin tone, right? hehehe

For those in Australia, I found this at Price Attack - check their website for store locations near you :)

New Love: L'Oreal Shine Gelee

The promo is all over the telly and magazines! Every time I flip a page of magazine and see this I wonder if I should get it. (and you know i did hahaha)

I was never a fan of L'Oreal lip products because of that distinct smell that it has but it does go away after applying it (i think or maybe i am just use to it now) but this lippie is very interesting.

Promo says "Nourishes like a balm" and "Shines like a gloss"
and it's enough for me to be convinced to buying it.

I got the shade "Sweet Tea" (303) because it's the closest to my lip colour and that's what I am after :)

So far I like it and if this goes really well then I think my Lucas Paw Paw can retire for a while as my lip balm :)

Here's how it looks like on my lips and the swatch on my hand... I LOVE IT.

L'Oreal Products are available almost everywhere in Australia. Stores like Priceline, Kmart and Target will always have sales or promo such as 2 for 1 or something so always check them out for that extra savings :)