tears for jane

29 July 2009

i am normally the one who will cry on a sad movie or anything with a wedding scene but that's about it..
never did i expect to be sooooo touch by this performance from So You Think You Can Dance - US.
i love watching the show and thank goodness for a local channel, I get to see it even if it's a few episodes behind.

I would have never searched for routine on YouTube if it wasn't for a brief promo about Katie Holmes dancing in the show. I was so intrigued that I searched for her performance but ended up find this:

The minute that i read the description my eyes were already swelling with tears. It was short but sooo powerful that I completely connected to every move of it.

I wasn't alone, the judges were as amazed as i was...

Breast Cancer is still uncurable and there are thousands of women and men that get diagnosed every day.

This dance routine touched me so deeply and reminded my of mum's fight with breast cancer who I terribly miss. Watching this routine made me understand the pain she went through.. I am deeply touched.

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