Spring Makeup that I LOVE to do by Bobbi Brown

16 July 2009

As you may know we have the reverse season here! We're currently freezing down here :) Thinking of Spring makes me sad already because it means summer is coming back again. I am not a big fan of Australian summer - it's toooo hot and toooo dry. I love winter the most but I love in-between seasons too and Spring is coming sooon....

Anyway, since getting acquainted with Bobbi Brown, all I did is watch videos on YT and found her channel. Unfortunately, I'm down with a chicken pox - BOOHOO!!! so I haven't got back to the counter for other stuff that I have my eyes on.

One of which is the Blushed Pink Collection! I don't even know if they still carry it because as far as I know - just like MAC, we follow US release - so I think I already missed it.

Anyway, here's how the promo look like! It's soooo dreamy and very fairy like which I LOVE! I wish my skintone is like that LOL.

Sigh, i think I totally missed out but I'll keep this photo so i'll have an idea what looks i can do this coming spring!

I also found this promo video on YT and I am hooked even more! I WANT!!!!

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