Revisiting what my Mama taught me about....

21 July 2009

skin care! well after having to deal with German measles (in my late 20s), my skin is just in it's worst state. Aside from the spots, the skin texture itself is super dry that you will think twice if i am a human part snake... (scales)

so i find comfort from the skin care that my mum taught me to use when i was 14 back in 1994 and it's no other than..... St Ives' Collagen Elastin Moisturiser and Apricot Scrub

I wish my mum can see the new packaging :) It used to be in tubs and you have to scoop it out. The Apricot scrub used to have orange lid while the collagen elastin moisturiser had red lid. She used to complain on how hard it is to get the product out and how easily it can get contaminated. She used to put it in the fridge so it's cooler when you apply and she believed that it's more hygienic to keep it in there.. my mum was sooo funny :)

She swore by the collagen elastin moisturiser and it did her huge favour and kept her wrinkels at bay. She bought me tubs after tubs telling me that I will not have wrinkles until I am 50! HAHAHA well, i was only 14 when she told me that so go figure my reaction.

I did use this brand for a good 9 years (1994-2003) and all i can remember at that time was my skin was always soft and supple and baby like :)

That's why on my way home today I stopped by Priceline and bought these :) I am hoping to get similar results and I hope to get back my old skin soon!

For some strange reason, I feel my mum's presence stronger because of the scent :)

The Apricot Scrub is my favourite - it just leaves my skin so soft and renewed! I am glad I am reunited with it.

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