Project 10 Pan Phase 1 - Done and Dusted!

02 July 2009

I am a happy woman! I finished my 10th item over a week ago and that marked the end of phase 1 of my attempt on Project 10 Pan. In case you're wondering, the 10th item is my Clinique Tinted Moisturiser. (photo to be added later).The actual tube is a bit misleading because it looks like it's full but of course I knew better.

Did I go on a massive makeup shopping spree? ALMOST! but I came to my senses and told myself to wait until my birthday is over. I could get birthday money... (Auntie, if you're reading this...well thank you in advance... LOL)

I dont know what to get in the first place anyway. I've been out of touch of YT beauty community due to my lack of internet at home... BOOO!! (Blame Telstra for that) and all i rely on are blogs from other makeup fanatics. Often i get so excited only to know that it's not available in Australia just yet.. BOOO! I knew that it will be the case but it never stops me from walking around the city, using all my lunch hour looking and hoping i'll find it somewhere hidden but as always I get no luck.

I think I'll start Phase 2 after my birthday or after the next MAC collection release in August. Timing is essential in Project 10 Pan. As much as i wanted to use up most of my makeup I don't want to miss out on some MSFs (Mineralised SkinFinishes) that are coming out.. i like the best of both worlds :)

Until then, consider Phase 1 of P 10 P closed!


  1. yeaaa...

    now all you need to do is spend birthday money on more make up.

    anyways what kind of make up remover do you recommend? Also can you share your top make up videos or blogs? Thankssss.

  2. @Feli - i use Neutrogena Eye makeup remover (S9.99 at priceline) for the eyes and the 3n1Johnson and Johnson facial wipes for the face also available at priceline :)

    will post a separate blogs of my fave makeup vids and blogs :)


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