new obsession....BABY WIPES

22 July 2009

HAHAHAHA... I LOVE the smell of it!

I love the smell of babies...that powder scent, their skin, their breath.... I love them!

I bought these a few days ago and my sole intention is to get that baby scent on my skin. I just wipe my arms, neck, hands with it and voila! instant baby scent and i can have the best sleep ever!

I think this is my maternal instinct kicking in! I am inlove with anything baby related... am i crazy or what? i think Yes :)

Oh yeah just short funny info: a few weeks back I got the blue one of these.... i was so excited to use it. I opened it and i couldn't smell anything... what do you know i got the "Fragrance Free" pack! HAHAHAHA so this time around I made sure I got the scented ones! :)

I am a happy baby smelling lady :)

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