New Love: Clinique Superdefense SPF25

22 July 2009

This just arrive in the mail today! I am so excited to use it!

I had samples of this before and I loved it!

You may wonder why I didn't get the full size....well it's the price.. cosmetic prices here in Australia are 3x more than how much it is in US or UK.

This tub costs AUD$90 !!!!!!

Thank goodness for eBay! :) I got this for only AUD$50 including shipping and it's still sealed and boxed and quite far away from expiration :)

Reason for finally getting this - freckles! HAAHAHAHA I have so many now and since I hate layering sunblock and moisturiser this is a good solution! A moisturiser wit SPF 25 :)

So excited to use it!!!!!!!! Will do a proper review in few weeks time... promise!

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