my new fave Makeup Guru

20 July 2009

well, sickness can give you soooo much time online. I was soo bored so I searched for skin care. After i get rid of my German measles I will start with a new skin care routine just to give my skin a reward for putting up with it.

so searching for new skin care lead me to find KANDEE JOHNSON and i love her! i spent most of my "desperate housewives" timeout watching her vids!
And you know what?! Aside from having a great talent and skills in makeup artistry, she also looks like Megan Fox! No joke! i was soooooo hooked on her vids!

I do have a girl-crush on Megan Fox - who doesn't anyway? Trust me Kandee looks like her and she does "Megan Fox looks" so crazy!
Here's one of her vids...

need i say more? if you haven't yet, please watch, rate and subscribe to her vid :) she's awesome and she seems very sweet!


  1. yay! thanks for being so nice to me!!! and liking my videos!!!! have a sparkly day!!!! xoxo kandee

  2. i love your vids.. thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. new fav guru on


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