MAC Naked Honey - now out Australia Wide

13 July 2009

Yay! it's out in Australia. I love honey related products but not overly inlove with them. In fact, I wasn't going to get something from this collection but since i've got some birthday money (gifts) i was able to get the only thing that caught my interest and was thinking of getting anyway after watching some haul vids and reading some reviews.

I'll reveal what I got from the collection, so please watch this space as I update it in 4 hours time.
OK, here's what I got - MAC Naked Honey Skin Salve - since I've got some birthday money to spend, I went ahead and got it.

It says that you can use it on lips, hands, elbows, heels, etc. It's non-greasy and it's very moistursing and it helps dry to recondition.

I am still yet to agree to all of these. I think I'll be using this more as a lip balm and treatment on my dry heels. I'll use it for a few weeks then I'll do a review. I am very positive about this product and I hope it gives what it promises!

So, if you're in Australia and big fan of MAC collections and a lover of honey related products then head to your local MAC store and check out the new collection!

PS. I would suggest to use a CLEAN Q-Tip to pick up the product so you don't contaminate it. This product has a life span of 24M.


  1. Hello! I didnt see the skin salve! But it looks very good:) I think its kinda similar to the egyptian magic cream? Anyway, let me know how your heels go with this!:)

  2. i read that somewhere but i dont know really.. i am going to visit mecca tomorrow to see the cream hehehe i love skin salve because it reminds me of the rosebud salve which i can't get here :)


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