MAC Colourcraft coming on 27 July 2009

22 July 2009

I am soooooo excited! I was on my way home and i stopped by Bobbi Brown to book an appointment for my 10-step :) So back to my story, walking to BB when Nic, my favourite MAC makeup artist stopped my tracks and told me the greatest news ever....

MAC Colourcraft is going to be out on Monday - 27 July 2009 - PERTH, WA

Here's what I am excited about:

So far I am only after 3 things:

  1. Colourcraft Lipstick - coz it's pink with orange/peach undertone to it!
  2. MAC Pink Porcelain MSF - it looks pretty :)
  3. MAC Smoothmerge MSF Trio - it also looks pretty :)

What are you going to get from the collection? or What did you get from the collection if this is already released in your country?


  1. Hi there :)

    Feli introduce me to your blog :)

    Btw, what is the 10-step thingy with BB? And what are MAC Pink Porcelain MSF and MAC Smoothmerge MSF Trio?? Sorry for asking so many questions!! I seldom wear any make up and have recently decided that I should start soon :P

  2. Bobbi Brown (BB) 10-step - is a makeup session at the Bobbi Brown counter. It's free and you're not obligated to buy any makeup in return unlike other counters where you have to pay $90 worth of makeup. :)

    MSF - mineralised skin finish - it's a highlighter (to get that glow), it's a blusher, it can be a bronzer if you get something darker than your skintone. basically if i use it i would put it on places where the camera flash / light would hit for that extra "candlelit" kind of glow :) you can use it to highlight the inner corner of your eyes or on your brow bone :)

    Trio part means the colours are divided in 3 and you can use them all once by swiping them all together then apply or on it's own :)

    The normal MSF looks very marble like :)

    I hope i've answered your questions :)

    Come to MAC counters on Monday and you'll MSFs in person :) they look so pretty :)


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