MAC Colour Craft Haul + My Peep toe shoes = Happy woman

27 July 2009

Colour Craft is such a big disappointment for me. Don't get me wrong, everything in the collection look fabulous and so pretty but I don't know the whole collection to me seems redundant maybe because I've collected quite a few Mineralised Skinfinishes, blushes and eyeshadows that nothing looks new? I think this is the downfall of having too many?

I was so tempted to get 2 MSFs (Pink Porcelain and Triple Fusion) but again when I swatched it I thought it's similar to Petticoat and Blonde MSFs so I didn't get it. I even tried to convince myself by thinking "It's Limited Edition" and surprisingly it didn't work :( What's happening to me? :P

Anyway, I wasn't that good you know, I still got 1 thing from the collection and it's the COLOUR CRAFTED lipstick.

I love it because it's a lovely pink with peach/orange and tiny hint of blue undertones to it. My ultimate favourite pink lippie is MAC Cremesheen in Creme Cup which if you have it, you know that it's a gorgeous muted pink with blue/purple undertone.

Colour Crafted is a Frost finish which is a little bit sheer than a cremesheen finish and that means it's going to be more wearable and work friendly :)

Here's a swatch of Colour Crafted lippie :) I love it and I can't wait to use it tomorrow :)

On a different note, I received my shoes today! Remember this post (My golden shoes frow Peep Toe Shoes). I've got 3 words for it - I LOVE IT!

It's very high in a cheating way because it's somehow designed like flatform shoes so in theory I am only carrying 2.5 inch heels but it looks like 5inches or more! So far it's easy to walk in and it's very soft inside! I love it, love it, love it! (Note: It has a red sole)

I am a happy woman today :)

PS. if you are a big fan of these type of shoes then visit


  1. OMG i dont even know if I can walk with those heels!!! hahahahah

  2. @feli - the height is very deceiving... :) right now it still sitting as an ornament.. i am still admiring it.. :)


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