The Jane Look

25 July 2009

*Jane loves red lipstick. She would wack it on any day of the week and she carried it soooo well. Her daughter would watch her put it on dozen times and she would tease her about it. It was their early bonding was back when her daughter could barely say bakery without stuttering, back when all she had was her little girl and her red lipstick.

Excellent makeup thought of redoing the "Jane Look" since today is her birthday and so we ask *Jane's daughter to be our model :)

*Jane would have been 58 today and would have worn this red lipstick too :) She is terribly missed.


  1. ate you really look like her..i wish i had known her...

  2. @saly - thank you! i think KR looks more like her when she doens't have makeup. with makeup then she looks like me :)


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