Humid on Blackground = perfection

13 July 2009

So this is what I got before my birthday hence it was taken off my Birthday list :) MAC Blackground paintpot and MAC Humid Eyeshadow.

I've been eyeing both of these but I was committed to Project 10 Pan that I waited until I completed the project.

I was just going to get Blackground because as you know this makes any smokey eye makeup look so easy and it makes the any colour pop! That's when i decided to get MAC Humid e/s too! It was match made in heaven :)

The photo below are the swatches and a trick and watch closely. Left is Blackground Paintpot on it's own; Middle is Humid e/s on its own and Right is Humid on Blackground. Can you see how vibrant the Humid eyeshadow on top of Blackground? Perfection!

That's my fave trick at the moment! ALAVIT! :)

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