The Golden Shoes!

17 July 2009

Breaking news! I dont have chicken pox! *Yay! BUT i have german measles :( it's still better than the pox so Thank God! This post is just a little bit off the makeup topic but still something I find happiness from.. Shoes!

Anyway, since all I did was surf the net, read blogs and what not, I came across Funkiimonkee's Beauty blog and I saw a link of shoe heaven! -- PEEPTOE SHOES
I've seen and read this brand on some magazines but I thought it's way bloody expensive but the shoes are just soooo gorgeous.

Long story short, when i read it on her blog, I immediately clicked (like a maniac) and checked the collection and I was mesmerised when I saw the word SALE 50% off!! I couldn't let the chance go by so I went ahead and got this...

It's a step closer to owning a Christian Louboutin shoes! The soles are red and the way it's designed is pretty much comparable to the real red-sole shoes.
It's leather in and out so that means less blisters and more shoe-happiness!


  1. Hey there:) I love their shoes too! My sis just bought a black strappy one and it gave her an extra ten cms! So envy her:) and half the price!

  2. i got this half price too.. do you know any reseller in perth?


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