Face moiturisers/moisturizers for the win..ter please!

08 July 2009

These are just some of the face moisturisers that I'd like to get my hands on with. Right now I am more determined to get at least one just to relieve my skin from the winter dryness that is now evident on my cheeks.

I do have combination skin - i get the oils on my T-zone and dry on the cheeks and jaw line. You would think that the oils produced on my T-zone can suffice the needs of me cheeks in some way .... i thought that too but nope! cheeks are now much drier than normal and foundation application is becoming a challenge so I need a change!

I am currently using Clinique's Dramatically different lotion but as I grow older my skin now needs more "replenishment". (such a bummer getting old.. hahaha) I am still reading reviews on these items and hopefully after my birthday I'd be able to decide what to get. I'd like to start 29 with a great moisturiser... HAHAHA afterall it's my last year of being "20-something". Next year i'll be ticking boxes 30-35 or i'll be saying "in my 30s" HAHAHA scary thought but inevitable.

Have you tried any of these moisturiser??.

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