Battle of the Concealers

25 July 2009

These are my concealers :) very modest collection I say but I am still in search of my holy grail concealer and I hope one day i'll find it and spend the rest of my makeup years together :)

So let me give you some insights about my choice of concealers and why i love them and why i hate them.

Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer (Top row) - this is my first "proper" concealer. By proper i mean that a consultant actually tested it on me rather than me testing it on my hands. I used it on my under eye and on any spots.

  • it's definitely line smoothing - not that i had lines under my eyes when i started using it but it gave that very smooth finish.
  • it lasts longer until you decide to rub your eyes :P
  • it's easy to blend and set
  • It's great on under eye.
  • The applicator wand/sponge - not a big fan
  • It's not really good on spots or post acne discolouration

MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF30 NC42 (2nd Row, left) - This is my favourite concealer for a while. I used to apply it on my under eyes and it wasn't bad but it's not THE best under eye concealer. I dont think it's really designed for under eye anyway but other than it's a great on spots and post acne.

  • I like the pot container :)
  • It really hides any type of scarring even freckles!
  • it's great in neutralising any redness especially around the nose area
  • It's not cakey as long as you blend it well with you fingers before setting it with a powder
  • it has SPF 30!
  • it's a bit dry in consistency so you will always have to warm it up between your finger tips
Studio Sculpt Concealer (2nd row, middle) - This is my current favourite concealer on my under eyes. I actually purposely bought this for my under eye. The shade that i got is in a warmer tone (NW35) and it's suppose to be one shade lighter than my skin tone but when i apply it just neutralises the bluish/gray under the eye. It's not brightening so it's just basically evens out my skin tone. (TIP: i use MAC invisible powder to set it then my normal face powder on the rest of my face)

  • it's a creamy texture so it's easy to apply and blend
  • it lasts longer
  • the packaging, i always mistake it for a paintpot!
  • if you don't apply an under eye cream / primer then this will make the lines under your eyes obvious
Napolean Perdis Patrol Conceal It - It's not the right shade for me :( I was misinformed when i got it and the makeup artist didn't even apply it on me, she just went on and on that it will suit every complexion.... NOT! I looked "ashy" on my under eye. (TIP: if it looks ashy under your eyes then it's too light). As for spots, it's too light and it made it obvious :(

I should really clean the sides of my pots... HAHAHAHAHAHA
I am soon to meet with a Bobbi Brown makeup artist to try on their concealers. I am thinking I might find my HG this time - cross fingers!

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