tears for jane

29 July 2009

i am normally the one who will cry on a sad movie or anything with a wedding scene but that's about it..
never did i expect to be sooooo touch by this performance from So You Think You Can Dance - US.
i love watching the show and thank goodness for a local channel, I get to see it even if it's a few episodes behind.

I would have never searched for routine on YouTube if it wasn't for a brief promo about Katie Holmes dancing in the show. I was so intrigued that I searched for her performance but ended up find this:

The minute that i read the description my eyes were already swelling with tears. It was short but sooo powerful that I completely connected to every move of it.

I wasn't alone, the judges were as amazed as i was...

Breast Cancer is still uncurable and there are thousands of women and men that get diagnosed every day.

This dance routine touched me so deeply and reminded my of mum's fight with breast cancer who I terribly miss. Watching this routine made me understand the pain she went through.. I am deeply touched.

In and Out #2

You saw this coming since Lollipop26 did hers, here's mine :)


Fringe / Bangs - just had my hair cute the other day and decided to cut my fringe short... i love it

cold mornings - i really love cold mornings.. it feels so refreshing like this morning, it was only 3 degrees and i loved it :)

Bobbi Brown concealer and corrector - i found happiness in these tiny things :)

Miley Cyrus' The Climb - HAHAHAHA - i am inlove with this song. i have it on repeat on my iphone!


work uniform - i am so over it. I look the same everyday it's not even funny. it's making me depressed!

MsChikee's Next Top Eye Cream

28 July 2009

My quest for a new eye cream has reached a new level, I am making it happen. Age has definitely contributed to this search because my Clinique All about eyes is not performing as it used to (or so i think).

Changing your skin care products that you're used to is very tricky thing to do because you will have to get out of your comfort zone and try new things and do the process of elimination (again). Personally, I think that it's a good thing because your skin changes and you will want to keep up with it and probably delay any "ageing" as much as you can.

What pushed me to committing to this search was a comment from the MA at the Bobbi Brown counter - she emphasised that my under eye is very dry hence the concealer and corrector didn't sit in properly.

I used that comment as a my criteria for judging - the eye cream must be hydrating.

The MA also noticed fine lines - so second criteria - the eye cream must minimise the presence of fine lines.

My current eye cream promises both but for some strange reason I don't get those results.

The first 2 products that I am currently trying are Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream and This Works Tired Eye Serum (both are available at Mecca Cosmetica.)

Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream - defends skin from free radical damages and minimise the appearance of fine lines.

I Googled eye cream and I found this. Then I searched on MakeupAlley and read some good reviews.

This Works Tired Eyes Serum - It helps to reduce puffiness and swelling around the eye area and has a cooling, soothing effect.

This was suggested by the MA at MeccaCosmetica. She said that it's lighter in texture than Kiehl's and easily absorbed by the skin.

I got samples of both and I can't wait to try them.

TIP: Always ask for samples before committing to buying the product especially if it's a new product you're trying.

What eye cream do you use?

MAC Colour Craft Haul + My Peep toe shoes = Happy woman

27 July 2009

Colour Craft is such a big disappointment for me. Don't get me wrong, everything in the collection look fabulous and so pretty but I don't know the whole collection to me seems redundant maybe because I've collected quite a few Mineralised Skinfinishes, blushes and eyeshadows that nothing looks new? I think this is the downfall of having too many?

I was so tempted to get 2 MSFs (Pink Porcelain and Triple Fusion) but again when I swatched it I thought it's similar to Petticoat and Blonde MSFs so I didn't get it. I even tried to convince myself by thinking "It's Limited Edition" and surprisingly it didn't work :( What's happening to me? :P

Anyway, I wasn't that good you know, I still got 1 thing from the collection and it's the COLOUR CRAFTED lipstick.

I love it because it's a lovely pink with peach/orange and tiny hint of blue undertones to it. My ultimate favourite pink lippie is MAC Cremesheen in Creme Cup which if you have it, you know that it's a gorgeous muted pink with blue/purple undertone.

Colour Crafted is a Frost finish which is a little bit sheer than a cremesheen finish and that means it's going to be more wearable and work friendly :)

Here's a swatch of Colour Crafted lippie :) I love it and I can't wait to use it tomorrow :)

On a different note, I received my shoes today! Remember this post (My golden shoes frow Peep Toe Shoes). I've got 3 words for it - I LOVE IT!

It's very high in a cheating way because it's somehow designed like flatform shoes so in theory I am only carrying 2.5 inch heels but it looks like 5inches or more! So far it's easy to walk in and it's very soft inside! I love it, love it, love it! (Note: It has a red sole)

I am a happy woman today :)

PS. if you are a big fan of these type of shoes then visit www.peeptoeshoes.com.au

Bobbi Brown - Fawn

26 July 2009

One of things that i got from BB was the shimmer wash e/s in Fawn. Looking at the pan it would never get my attention in million years but it's one of those beautiful surprises that you get in small things like these :)

This is how it looked like when the makeup artist applied it, just a subtle smokey look (daytime)

The camera didn't do justice but it's just an amazing colour. I think you can compare it to Benefit's Skinny Jeans cream shadow sans the green undertone.

I thought it was the same as MAC Sable and *phew* thank goodness it's not :)

MAC Sable (left) and Bobbi Brown Fawn (right)

It's such a beautiful colour, check it out in person when you can :)

Bobbi Brown Haul

Last birthday money people! last birthday money and all well spent :)

I went for my 10-step makeup lesson at Bobbi Brown counter. I thought since I am going for family lunch in the city then might as well just get dolled up.

It's suppose to be free but what do you know I love the eyeshadow, lipstick, gel liner, corrector and concealer so I used my last birthday money and got them :) (PS, thank you friends for the voucher).

  1. Shimmer wash e/s - Fawn (9)
  2. Warm Natural concealer and Pale yellow powder to set it
  3. Light Peach corrector
  4. Lip colour in Tulle (34)
  5. Gel Liner in Black Mauve
I am a happy woman! :)

PS. swatches to follow in another post.

The Jane Look

25 July 2009

*Jane loves red lipstick. She would wack it on any day of the week and she carried it soooo well. Her daughter would watch her put it on dozen times and she would tease her about it. It was their early bonding days...it was back when her daughter could barely say bakery without stuttering, back when all she had was her little girl and her red lipstick.

Excellent makeup thought of redoing the "Jane Look" since today is her birthday and so we ask *Jane's daughter to be our model :)

*Jane would have been 58 today and would have worn this red lipstick too :) She is terribly missed.

Battle of the Concealers

These are my concealers :) very modest collection I say but I am still in search of my holy grail concealer and I hope one day i'll find it and spend the rest of my makeup years together :)

So let me give you some insights about my choice of concealers and why i love them and why i hate them.

Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer (Top row) - this is my first "proper" concealer. By proper i mean that a consultant actually tested it on me rather than me testing it on my hands. I used it on my under eye and on any spots.

  • it's definitely line smoothing - not that i had lines under my eyes when i started using it but it gave that very smooth finish.
  • it lasts longer until you decide to rub your eyes :P
  • it's easy to blend and set
  • It's great on under eye.
  • The applicator wand/sponge - not a big fan
  • It's not really good on spots or post acne discolouration

MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF30 NC42 (2nd Row, left) - This is my favourite concealer for a while. I used to apply it on my under eyes and it wasn't bad but it's not THE best under eye concealer. I dont think it's really designed for under eye anyway but other than it's a great on spots and post acne.

  • I like the pot container :)
  • It really hides any type of scarring even freckles!
  • it's great in neutralising any redness especially around the nose area
  • It's not cakey as long as you blend it well with you fingers before setting it with a powder
  • it has SPF 30!
  • it's a bit dry in consistency so you will always have to warm it up between your finger tips
Studio Sculpt Concealer (2nd row, middle) - This is my current favourite concealer on my under eyes. I actually purposely bought this for my under eye. The shade that i got is in a warmer tone (NW35) and it's suppose to be one shade lighter than my skin tone but when i apply it just neutralises the bluish/gray under the eye. It's not brightening so it's just basically evens out my skin tone. (TIP: i use MAC invisible powder to set it then my normal face powder on the rest of my face)

  • it's a creamy texture so it's easy to apply and blend
  • it lasts longer
  • the packaging, i always mistake it for a paintpot!
  • if you don't apply an under eye cream / primer then this will make the lines under your eyes obvious
Napolean Perdis Patrol Conceal It - It's not the right shade for me :( I was misinformed when i got it and the makeup artist didn't even apply it on me, she just went on and on that it will suit every complexion.... NOT! I looked "ashy" on my under eye. (TIP: if it looks ashy under your eyes then it's too light). As for spots, it's too light and it made it obvious :(

I should really clean the sides of my pots... HAHAHAHAHAHA
I am soon to meet with a Bobbi Brown makeup artist to try on their concealers. I am thinking I might find my HG this time - cross fingers!

MAC Colourcraft coming on 27 July 2009

22 July 2009

I am soooooo excited! I was on my way home and i stopped by Bobbi Brown to book an appointment for my 10-step :) So back to my story, walking to BB when Nic, my favourite MAC makeup artist stopped my tracks and told me the greatest news ever....

MAC Colourcraft is going to be out on Monday - 27 July 2009 - PERTH, WA

Here's what I am excited about:

So far I am only after 3 things:

  1. Colourcraft Lipstick - coz it's pink with orange/peach undertone to it!
  2. MAC Pink Porcelain MSF - it looks pretty :)
  3. MAC Smoothmerge MSF Trio - it also looks pretty :)

What are you going to get from the collection? or What did you get from the collection if this is already released in your country?

new obsession....BABY WIPES

HAHAHAHA... I LOVE the smell of it!

I love the smell of babies...that powder scent, their skin, their breath.... I love them!

I bought these a few days ago and my sole intention is to get that baby scent on my skin. I just wipe my arms, neck, hands with it and voila! instant baby scent and i can have the best sleep ever!

I think this is my maternal instinct kicking in! I am inlove with anything baby related... am i crazy or what? i think Yes :)

Oh yeah just short funny info: a few weeks back I got the blue one of these.... i was so excited to use it. I opened it and i couldn't smell anything... what do you know i got the "Fragrance Free" pack! HAHAHAHA so this time around I made sure I got the scented ones! :)

I am a happy baby smelling lady :)

New Love: Clinique Superdefense SPF25

This just arrive in the mail today! I am so excited to use it!

I had samples of this before and I loved it!

You may wonder why I didn't get the full size....well it's the price.. cosmetic prices here in Australia are 3x more than how much it is in US or UK.

This tub costs AUD$90 !!!!!!

Thank goodness for eBay! :) I got this for only AUD$50 including shipping and it's still sealed and boxed and quite far away from expiration :)

Reason for finally getting this - freckles! HAAHAHAHA I have so many now and since I hate layering sunblock and moisturiser this is a good solution! A moisturiser wit SPF 25 :)

So excited to use it!!!!!!!! Will do a proper review in few weeks time... promise!

Revisiting what my Mama taught me about....

21 July 2009

skin care! well after having to deal with German measles (in my late 20s), my skin is just in it's worst state. Aside from the spots, the skin texture itself is super dry that you will think twice if i am a human part snake... (scales)

so i find comfort from the skin care that my mum taught me to use when i was 14 back in 1994 and it's no other than..... St Ives' Collagen Elastin Moisturiser and Apricot Scrub

I wish my mum can see the new packaging :) It used to be in tubs and you have to scoop it out. The Apricot scrub used to have orange lid while the collagen elastin moisturiser had red lid. She used to complain on how hard it is to get the product out and how easily it can get contaminated. She used to put it in the fridge so it's cooler when you apply and she believed that it's more hygienic to keep it in there.. my mum was sooo funny :)

She swore by the collagen elastin moisturiser and it did her huge favour and kept her wrinkels at bay. She bought me tubs after tubs telling me that I will not have wrinkles until I am 50! HAHAHA well, i was only 14 when she told me that so go figure my reaction.

I did use this brand for a good 9 years (1994-2003) and all i can remember at that time was my skin was always soft and supple and baby like :)

That's why on my way home today I stopped by Priceline and bought these :) I am hoping to get similar results and I hope to get back my old skin soon!

For some strange reason, I feel my mum's presence stronger because of the scent :)

The Apricot Scrub is my favourite - it just leaves my skin so soft and renewed! I am glad I am reunited with it.

my new fave Makeup Guru

20 July 2009

well, sickness can give you soooo much time online. I was soo bored so I searched for skin care. After i get rid of my German measles I will start with a new skin care routine just to give my skin a reward for putting up with it.

so searching for new skin care lead me to find KANDEE JOHNSON and i love her! i spent most of my "desperate housewives" timeout watching her vids!
And you know what?! Aside from having a great talent and skills in makeup artistry, she also looks like Megan Fox! No joke! i was soooooo hooked on her vids!

I do have a girl-crush on Megan Fox - who doesn't anyway? Trust me Kandee looks like her and she does "Megan Fox looks" so crazy!
Here's one of her vids...

need i say more? if you haven't yet, please watch, rate and subscribe to her vid :) she's awesome and she seems very sweet!


18 July 2009

Hi! So I am joining the wagon and finally decided to part ways with some of my makeup.
I bought them out of love but I've got too much. These are all well kept and taken care of. Most of them are brand new and untouched and some were just slightly used (mainly for swatching purposes and first use attempts).

Rules: If you want any of the items please leave a comment with the product(s) you want and your Paypal address.

I will ship the item once I've received the payment :) and prices are as marked :)

Prices are in Australian Dollars and shipping will be $5.60 within Australia and $10.00 for international buyers.

The Sale will go until Friday 24 July 2009 or until sold out.

And it's a first come first serve thing :)

Here we go:

Nars Lipgloss in Striptease AU$20.00 - only used 1x and didn't like the colour. It just didn't suit me

MAC Hello Kitty - Fashion Mews (Limited Edition) AU$35.00 - used only for 1x for swatching - I got this after i fell inlove with Lavender whip but unfortunately I can't work this colour on me so.

Two-faced Super Nova eyeshadow
AU$25.00- only used 2x. this is a great e/s coz you can use it wet or dry. SOLD!

Cargo Sunset Beach Blush (Brand new) AU$40.00 - my favourite blusher of all of time. This is my backup by the way. SOLD

MAC Mineralised Skinfinish - LIGHT FLUSH (LE) AU$30.00 - Super limited edition! used 4x max then I met other MSFs and this baby has been just sitting in the corner.

NYX Trio in Tropical/Yellow/Limegreen - Brand new - AU$12.00 - Haven't had the chance to use this only because they look so pretty to be touched.. LOL

MAC Mineralise Trio Eyeshadow - Danger Zone (LE) - Brand new - AU$35.00 - again this is a back up and I m ready to let go. - SOLD

PS. Thanks for Dr.M for taking the photos :)

The Golden Shoes!

17 July 2009

Breaking news! I dont have chicken pox! *Yay! BUT i have german measles :( it's still better than the pox so Thank God! This post is just a little bit off the makeup topic but still something I find happiness from.. Shoes!

Anyway, since all I did was surf the net, read blogs and what not, I came across Funkiimonkee's Beauty blog and I saw a link of shoe heaven! -- PEEPTOE SHOES
I've seen and read this brand on some magazines but I thought it's way bloody expensive but the shoes are just soooo gorgeous.

Long story short, when i read it on her blog, I immediately clicked (like a maniac) and checked the collection and I was mesmerised when I saw the word SALE 50% off!! I couldn't let the chance go by so I went ahead and got this...

It's a step closer to owning a Christian Louboutin shoes! The soles are red and the way it's designed is pretty much comparable to the real red-sole shoes.
It's leather in and out so that means less blisters and more shoe-happiness!

Spring Makeup that I LOVE to do by Bobbi Brown

16 July 2009

As you may know we have the reverse season here! We're currently freezing down here :) Thinking of Spring makes me sad already because it means summer is coming back again. I am not a big fan of Australian summer - it's toooo hot and toooo dry. I love winter the most but I love in-between seasons too and Spring is coming sooon....

Anyway, since getting acquainted with Bobbi Brown, all I did is watch videos on YT and found her channel. Unfortunately, I'm down with a chicken pox - BOOHOO!!! so I haven't got back to the counter for other stuff that I have my eyes on.

One of which is the Blushed Pink Collection! I don't even know if they still carry it because as far as I know - just like MAC, we follow US release - so I think I already missed it.

Anyway, here's how the promo look like! It's soooo dreamy and very fairy like which I LOVE! I wish my skintone is like that LOL.

Sigh, i think I totally missed out but I'll keep this photo so i'll have an idea what looks i can do this coming spring!

I also found this promo video on YT and I am hooked even more! I WANT!!!!

Getting acquainted with Bobbi Brown

15 July 2009

I consider Bobbi Brown cosmetics very high-end. I've heard so much about their concealers, correctors, foundation and shimmer bricks but I haven't had the chance to try any of them until recently (thanks to Birthday money!) I'd say partly because I wasn't that brave to branch out unless i watch something on YouTube. The videos that I subscribe to are more MAC oriented than anything else except Pixiwoo and even after watching her vids and I am so tempted to buy anything from BB, I still missed it.

A new Bobbi Brown counter opened at Myer Perth store, right next to the MAC counter. I got the inside info a week before they opened and I was already excited about special promos they will be having as an opening thing. And i guessed right, they do have a "buy any product and get a gift". I didn't give it a miss, i indulge myself and I am quite happy I did.

Here's what I got:

  1. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
  2. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Flesh (Matte)
  3. A faux leather pouch with a mascara and lip paletter as gift for their opening

THE Book

I skimmed through the pages and basically read most of it. I am so amazed about what I've learned so far. I've learned that Bobbi Brown is known for the "Natural" look. She's more on enhancing your best features as oppose to creating a different you which I TOTALLY AGREE! The books has step by step tips on applying foundation, concealers, etc. It's just a great read!

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Flesh (Matte)

I have been looking for a matte base eyeshadow for a while but didn't want to settle with MAC for a change and again thanks to Birthday money and a new counter because I finally got a base. I chose a yellow undertoned eyeshadow because it brightens the eye. I was so close of getting something light pink but the consultant said it can make my eyes look tired and we don't want that :) Overall, I am happy with my choice.

The Gift :)

So this is the gift, Everything Mascara - which I've heard so much about and 3-colour tiny lip palette! I used the lipsticks today and they are very sheer so it's more like a gloss :)

Now that I am acquainted with Bobbi Brown and have read the book, I am going to channel my natural makeup skills :) I want to get concealers, hydrating cream, correctors, powder and blush! is that a lot? LOL

Humid on Blackground = perfection

13 July 2009

So this is what I got before my birthday hence it was taken off my Birthday list :) MAC Blackground paintpot and MAC Humid Eyeshadow.

I've been eyeing both of these but I was committed to Project 10 Pan that I waited until I completed the project.

I was just going to get Blackground because as you know this makes any smokey eye makeup look so easy and it makes the any colour pop! That's when i decided to get MAC Humid e/s too! It was match made in heaven :)

The photo below are the swatches and a trick and watch closely. Left is Blackground Paintpot on it's own; Middle is Humid e/s on its own and Right is Humid on Blackground. Can you see how vibrant the Humid eyeshadow on top of Blackground? Perfection!

That's my fave trick at the moment! ALAVIT! :)

MAC Naked Honey - now out Australia Wide

Yay! it's out in Australia. I love honey related products but not overly inlove with them. In fact, I wasn't going to get something from this collection but since i've got some birthday money (gifts) i was able to get the only thing that caught my interest and was thinking of getting anyway after watching some haul vids and reading some reviews.

I'll reveal what I got from the collection, so please watch this space as I update it in 4 hours time.
OK, here's what I got - MAC Naked Honey Skin Salve - since I've got some birthday money to spend, I went ahead and got it.

It says that you can use it on lips, hands, elbows, heels, etc. It's non-greasy and it's very moistursing and it helps dry to recondition.

I am still yet to agree to all of these. I think I'll be using this more as a lip balm and treatment on my dry heels. I'll use it for a few weeks then I'll do a review. I am very positive about this product and I hope it gives what it promises!

So, if you're in Australia and big fan of MAC collections and a lover of honey related products then head to your local MAC store and check out the new collection!

PS. I would suggest to use a CLEAN Q-Tip to pick up the product so you don't contaminate it. This product has a life span of 24M.

new obsession - Looklet

12 July 2009

I dont know you've heard of LOOKLET but this is a great play tool for those who enjoys dressing up. For me it's more "i wish this is in my wardrobe".

You can come up with looks and have it name by you, described by you and a "By: YOURNAME" is attached next to it along with the items worn!
Sooooo cool!

Here are just some of what I've put together:

I know it's not related to makeup but I just can't help it :)

Birthday Break :)

11 July 2009

Just a weekend break from blogging..... why? Because.........

Yep, it's my birthday....

Watch out for this space for any makeup related gifts - I already bought myself my first 2 gifts! (Mac paintpot in Groundwork and Mac Humid e/s)

Until then have a great and safe weekend and i'll talk to you all soon :)

Face moiturisers/moisturizers for the win..ter please!

08 July 2009

These are just some of the face moisturisers that I'd like to get my hands on with. Right now I am more determined to get at least one just to relieve my skin from the winter dryness that is now evident on my cheeks.

I do have combination skin - i get the oils on my T-zone and dry on the cheeks and jaw line. You would think that the oils produced on my T-zone can suffice the needs of me cheeks in some way .... i thought that too but nope! cheeks are now much drier than normal and foundation application is becoming a challenge so I need a change!

I am currently using Clinique's Dramatically different lotion but as I grow older my skin now needs more "replenishment". (such a bummer getting old.. hahaha) I am still reading reviews on these items and hopefully after my birthday I'd be able to decide what to get. I'd like to start 29 with a great moisturiser... HAHAHA afterall it's my last year of being "20-something". Next year i'll be ticking boxes 30-35 or i'll be saying "in my 30s" HAHAHA scary thought but inevitable.

Have you tried any of these moisturiser??.

My Threemuskeeters..

07 July 2009

Good things come in 3's? or is it bad things?? anyway, these are the lippies that are living in my hand bag for a while now. they are moved from hand bag to hand bag with no fail and that only means i love them the most (for now).

Let me declare my love again and hope that you'll fall inlove too..

Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in GOOD-TO-GO

Aside from the fact that this was used on "Bella" (Twilight) it's really a great staple for those who love natural coloured lips. It has just the right amount of brown/red with a hint of pink to it. It's very soft to apply and it's non drying. the only downside to it is it's too soft that you can damage it effortlessly so use with caution :)

MAC Cremesheen - Creme cup

This is my ultimate finisher for any smokey eye makeup look! It's a great muted pink that is still girly enough to compliment your fierce smokey look.I feel so posh when I use this, i don't know why.

MAC Cremesheen - Fan Fare

I am really a fan of cremesheen. I think the formulation and pigmentation are great :) I just got this 1.5 weeks ago and since then it hasn't left my bag. It's a very pretty pink. I use it on day to day basis - with a simple smokey (work-friendly) eyemakeup, this completes the look. It makes me look so refreshed and revived. I can say that the colour brightens me up :) So it's actually great for winter!

L-R: Good to Go, Fan Fare, Creme Cup

What are your top lipsticks at the moment?

*Apologies for the quality of pictures - i am using my iPhone and it's the oldest iPhone... :(

Project 10 Pan Phase 1 - Done and Dusted!

02 July 2009

I am a happy woman! I finished my 10th item over a week ago and that marked the end of phase 1 of my attempt on Project 10 Pan. In case you're wondering, the 10th item is my Clinique Tinted Moisturiser. (photo to be added later).The actual tube is a bit misleading because it looks like it's full but of course I knew better.

Did I go on a massive makeup shopping spree? ALMOST! but I came to my senses and told myself to wait until my birthday is over. I could get birthday money... (Auntie, if you're reading this...well thank you in advance... LOL)

I dont know what to get in the first place anyway. I've been out of touch of YT beauty community due to my lack of internet at home... BOOO!! (Blame Telstra for that) and all i rely on are blogs from other makeup fanatics. Often i get so excited only to know that it's not available in Australia just yet.. BOOO! I knew that it will be the case but it never stops me from walking around the city, using all my lunch hour looking and hoping i'll find it somewhere hidden but as always I get no luck.

I think I'll start Phase 2 after my birthday or after the next MAC collection release in August. Timing is essential in Project 10 Pan. As much as i wanted to use up most of my makeup I don't want to miss out on some MSFs (Mineralised SkinFinishes) that are coming out.. i like the best of both worlds :)

Until then, consider Phase 1 of P 10 P closed!