Project 10 Update and a....

14 June 2009

...decision! I dont know if you read my last Project 10 update which I promised to used up to 20 items before purchasing makeup... well I've decided not to that anymore only because I think it defeats the purpose. 

I think first phase of this project is really a trial and trust me I've learned a lot... and I will take that on board on my next attempt.

Ok,  I am not done with Project 10 Pan .. i am still 1 item away to finish my 10 items!
So here's where I am at....

(Top Row - L-R): MAC MSF Natural, MAC Select Powder, MAC MSF Natural
(Bottom Row - L-R): Two-faced Duo Eyeshadow Lucky Charm, Covergirl Lash Blast, MAC Shadestick Taupography, Revlon Fabulash, Maybelline Lash Discovery, Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup

I wouldn't be repurchasing any of these because I still quite a few to go over :)
My only worry now is I don't have any face powder since I finished off my second MSF Natural... sigh... :(

Also I lost 2 lipglasses that are missing and I think I may have mistakenly threw it out during my moving house! (bummer!!) And those were almost finished! 

Anyway, I am 1 item away. I am not in a hurry because we are still on MAC Rose Romance Collection and I don't like anything from so yeah I still have time. 

After this first attempt of Project 10 Pan, i will take a rest and hopefully i won't go on a makeup shopping frenzy!

How are you doing with your Project 10 Pan?

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