OLD NEW LOVE: Revlon ColourStay 12hr Quad - CopperSpice

24 June 2009

Old New Love ahhh... i've finished my project 10 pan - i'll post something about it later but for now it's all about my old new love.
Someone ask me why not say new old love? I say because it's my blog :P seriously, Old New Love - it's Old because I purchased it a long time ago and just didn't get enough lovin' from me for a while and New Love because I am falling inlove with it again.

Anyway so today's Old New Love is my Revlon's ColourStay 12Hr Quad in CopperSpice. I got it last year around July - it's very warm and rich and in a crazy weather we're having right now i need warmth! hehehe

I used all of the colours in the quad and blended it really well. I didn't go over board and only maintained a work friendly look.

I find Revlon quads to be reasonably priced in Australia. For a quad with colours that complement each other, 12 hours lasting power and SoftFlex for easy blending - AUD$20+ is cheap.

Places like Target and Kmart will always have buy 1 get 1 free or 20-50% off so always watch out for those catalogues in your mailboxes.

ICE Accessories also sells cheap Revlon quads - i think around AUD$14 to AUD$17 per quad but the selection is limited.

Myers and David Jones will have gift time or release events so even if you pay AUD$20+ when it's gift time you'll get goodies and as always we love gifts!

Are you a fan of Revlon quads too?

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