MsChikee's Birthday Wishlist '09!

29 June 2009

Birthday Wishlist - EDITED - i've removed some items (red) and replaced it with new ones. Reason for replacing it? I've seen them in person and I don't like them anymore.

My birthday is coming up and as always i love spoiling myself with things hehehe

This was the original list and somehow I've managed to get some of them and hence it's off the list :)

  1. Tiffany Key Charm Necklace
  2. Country Road - Jacket - Twilight inspired (IMO) hahaha
  3. Benefit Coralista
  4. Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow Liner
  5. Two-faced Shadow Insurance - Tinted ones
  6. Nars Sabrina Philosophy - HOPE IN A JAR
  7. Husband* - AHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, CHANEL COCO Mademoiselle!!
  8. T-Shirt with Bow details - still haven't found one A NEW Oroton Bag
  9. MAC Humid Eyeshadow - HAHA
  10. Kiehl's Lipgloss (any - just want to try one) New Haircut and colour
  11. Twilight DVD
  12. B&B Surf spray
  13. Chi Silk Fusion - must find a way to get one :( only available in Melbourne?
  14. MAC 129 Brush Full Size
  15. MAC Euristocrats and MAC Colourcraft all of it? - LOL - i can feel my pocket screaming for pain.
It's only 15 items :P
Wait till next year when it's the BIG 3-0 then it will be massive... just kidding.

So much wants so little money... AHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  1. Omg if you do manage to find the silk infusion or get one online let me know plz? I'm so jealous I totally want a Tiffany & Co. key charm necklace LOL. Did you post any pics of it online somewhere, if so let me know.


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