MAC Collections I can't wait to come to Australia :)

15 June 2009

I've been out of touch with YT and the makeup world since the house moving and I am only getting back to the hang of it now.

Also with Project 10 Pan still on board with Excellentmakeup's ship, I trained myself not to watch any haul vids from US / UK makeup lovers so I won't get tempted to buy any makeup. Well, it wasn't that much of an effort because after the Colour Ready collection - nothing has wowed me and we're still on A Rose Romance collection which is like a million years ago for US and Europe Mac lovers.

So while sick and off from work (blame the crazy weather) I started to visit Temptalia who if you're a makeup junkie would know that she is the know-how-know-when is the next MAC collection gonna be released. I'd like to know what's coming and start saving up for it like a good girl :)

And here's one of the collection I'm excited about! First, MAC Euristocrats 2 :)

If you visit Temptalia's website, you'll see better pics of what's in the collection. I love that it has Dazzleglasses in it!

The second one is the MAC Colourcraft (I can't find photos of the collection.. but will keep on trying and will post later) and you know why... it's because it got some Mineralise Skinfinishes!! (I do collect them BTW).

Both are going to be released in July 09 in the US and probably around September or August if we're lucky here in Australia.

I can't wait!

PS. I just got a word from my fave MAC Makeup Artist - both of these collections are coming out 3 August 2009 Western Australia.

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