Let's fake it....

16 June 2009

... use Falsies! Funny term "falsies" - n. false eyelashes - I've been a fan of falsies for some time now. I've tried the semi permanent ones and the strip ones.

Yesterday, a friend brought up this topic, false eyelashes and it gave an idea of what my next post should be... hehehe

If you're thinking of faking it (false eyelashes that is) then here are some tips and vids that could help you harness that skill in putting it / maintaining it / removing it.

Personally I am still not a pro in applying it on but I'm much better than when I did my first attempt and much cleaner.

It use to take me forever to apply them and sometimes after creating a really nice eye makeup I ruin it by applying falsies because the glue goes on the lid. Anyway, here are are some tips that I've learned so far:

1. Invest on a glue. I use MAC Duo Adhesive (note: you can use this glue on body sparkles as well... hehehe be like EdwardCullen)

2. Know your eyeshape and what works with it. ie, I do have small eyes hence i prefer half strip lashes.

3. Wash your lashes before you store them so you can extend its life usage. I'll share a vid at the end of this post for everyone.

4. Practise, Practise, Practise!

Here is a video of one of the best makeup gurus on YT - Julieg713 - False Lashes (Embedding doesn't work so just click the link).

Another video I want to share is from the Enkore

There are countless videos on YT that you could help you enhance this skill so don't stop from here. :)

For Tiff :)


  1. I think more information should be provided in the blog!
    Semi Permanent Make Up

  2. hi :) thanks for the comments. Apologies if there's not enough info but please understand this are purely my experiences, suggestion, learned from other people :)


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