It's time to Back2MAC!! - Fanfare :)

29 June 2009

Back to MAC peeps! I love it when i finish off 6 MAC items, it means new lipstick! For those who don't know yet, if you finish off 6 MAC items and return it to a MAC counter, you get a free lipstick. If you return it to a Pro-store you can get an eyeshadow or lipgslass.

I only finished 4 items (see my Project 10 pan update) then my auntie gave me 2 empty MAC lippies and I was just over the moon!

The selection process is gruelling! I wonder why it's harder when it's free? Anyway, I already had something in mind before heading to MAC. I was thinking of MAC Cremesheen - Shy Girl! I've been eyeing that for a while but never got to buying it due to my Project 10 pan. So off I went and returned the empty pans then asked the lipstick I wanted and to my horror the MAC Makeup artist said "oh, it hasn't been made permanent yet!". OK, this particular MA will normally stir me up with things like "oh MAC foundations don't break you out" when I was in front of her showing that it broke me out... clearly we don't have a good relationship like i do with other MA in that counter.

So I was left with a new dilemma - choosing which lipstick to get! I am clearly sticking with Cremesheen formulation because I just love how moisturising it is on the lips. After a few minutes (more like 20mins) I came down to 2 choices - Ravising and FanFare.

Ravishing - is more orange/peach/coral kind of lippie which I have tons.

FanFare - more on the pink and a little bit of coral touch to it but more on the pink. It's not hot pink though like some reviews i've read... well not on my lips at least and it looks very pretty on my hand... :P

After another long thought, I finally decided on MAC FanFare only because I reckon I don't own anything like it until i went home... LOL

I got home and checked my collection and found that this is similar to MAC Skew which by the way is already discontinued. So if you love that lipstick then FanFare can be a good substitute.

FanFare is a little more pigmented and more on the pink side than Skew so technically they are still different.
I wore it last saturday and learned that I should have a simple smokey look to pull this off.
This actually makes my teeth look whiter :)

Sigh..I can't wait to finish another 6 items and until then please give me suggestions on what to get next... I am hoping more cremesheen will become permanent!

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