In and Out Number 1 :)

12 June 2009

I think this is my first in and out.. (I think) but I just love the idea and I enjoy reading them from other blogs.


  1. Philippine Independence day – even though “technically” I am no longer a Filipino citizen, I am still a Filipino J Happy Independence Day Philippines! I am having coffee with some Spanish friends later – we’ll recap what happened in 1898
  2. Winter! I LOVE cold weather (with a passion) maybe because I lived most my life in Manila where humidity is my twin and I got tired of it. In winter, my pores are smaller hence less oil hence nice looking skin hence nice makeup. I love it!
  3. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation – it really is a great foundation especially in cold weather. I used it before when it was still summer-ish (Autumn) and my face was so shiny it’s not even funny.
  4. My iphone! It has come back to life! Wooppee.. Dear my iphone, I’ve missed you soo much.
  5. Friday – need I say more?


  1. Harem pants – every time I see someone wearing it I want to say “Can’t touch this.. Hammer time!” There are girls who can pull it off and there are some who miss.
  2. My Mineralised Skin Finish Natural – this is the second one that I hit the pan! Oh no! what now brown cow? I don’t have something to set my foundation! TO be honest, I lost count of my Project 10 Pan since the move but I will gather them all and see how far I am.
  3. Lost lipglasses – it’s such a bummer that after I’ve opened all my boxes still no sign of 2 lipglosses (MAC Love Nectar and MAC Grapefruit something from Neo-Sci Fi!)
  4. CHK, CHK, CHK BOOM Girl (search this on YT, you’ll see) – It’s just weird that the whole nation is promoting her in so many different ways knowing she didn’t do anything special except lie to the police and call Europeans “wogs”.
  5. Short-shorts and Ugg boots combo – when it’s like 5 Degrees Celcius – would you really? Short shorts and Ugg boots? Possible a singlet and scarf? Would you?

Anyway, that’s it for me for today.
Happy Friday!

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