HALL OF FAME: Chloe Body Creme

11 June 2009

I just couldn't resist a new post! I'm still without internet at home but I'm back at work so technically I have access to the world wide web hence this new post (yay!) btw - anyone saw the New Moon trailer?!?!? i thought so :) Can't wait for November or December in our case here down under.. hopefully it's a world wide release... hehe i think i'm on a different tangent here...my apologies!

On to my real post :) ... added to my Hall of Fame - Chloe Body Creme.

Some of you may argue it's not makeup but it's under the beauty-related product, don't you think? well, i think so.

I love this body creme as much as I love the perfume. In summer body cremes are just too heavy in my opinion especially Australian summer! But in winter when the cold air dries your skin this is great fix for it.

I love the smell that stays not only on your skin but on your clothes too! also how it leaves your skin sooo soft and hydrated!

I am a body moisturiser fanatic. I mean I really spend time in a supermarket / cosmetics counter deciding what to get. I have different favourites every season and I have some all time faves that i've been using since my mum introduced it to me.

I have 3 categories when i organise my body moisturiser - special occassion; current fave; all time skin saver. Chloe Body Creme used to belong to Special Occassion but now it's on the Current Fave as I use it almost everyday if not 2x a day :) Why keep something when you can use and enjoy it now. It's all about now I reckon.

Well, It's not all positive you see, it has some downside as well:

1. It's a little bit pricey for my liking but I reckon try to get it when they are having the fragrance promo because the lotion is usually the free gift and it always comes in full size :)

2. The container itself is glass and it's bloody heavy. It makes me nervous coz if i drop it in my bathroom then it will either break my bathroom floor or break itself then break my floor.

Other than that, it's definitely a favourite :) have you tried this lotion?

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