Colour me Purple please!

16 June 2009

One of the all time favourite winter hue is Purple. It's royal, elegant, rich and sexy especially on smokey eyes!

It's one of my favourite look to do and in fact when I got the MAC Shadowy Lady quad from the Cult of Cherry collection last year I was so excited to use it. Since we have the reverse season down under, i had to wait for 6 months before i can fully utilise the quad. Don't get me wrong, this baby was not neglected at all. I've been using it but always on the safe side meaning just the classic smokey look that is work friendly.

My birthday is coming up and this is one of the looks I want to do if i dont change my mind. The look is a very party purple and it's from the very famous makeup gurus on YT - Fafinettex3 and MakeupbyRenRen
I love both makeup looks that they do on YT because we have the same skin tone, eyeshape and eye colour hence if it suits them then it suits me too :)

Before I leave you with the videos, here's a list of purple eyeshadow that you may want to try:

1. MUFE (Makeup Forever) No. 92 - as far as I know this is not available in the state i am in but it could be available in Sydney and Melbourne. This is the BEST purple that I know of, it's very rich, pigmented, soft and easy to blend and just a great purple hue.

2. MAC Shadowy Lady - this is the darkest purple that I know from MAC. There are other deep purples but most of it are Pro colours and we don't have a pro store here in WA.

3. Revlon Aubergine eyeshadow (Matte Collection)

Anyway, enjoy the vids and talk to you soon all :)

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