Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15 Review by Jenny*

18 June 2009

If you read my intial post about Clinique Even Better Makeup I mentioned that I helped two colleagues to get some new foundation and they got the Clinique even better foundation. I also promised that I will interview them in a few weeks time to know how they find the product and what not. So here it is Part 1:

Subject: Jenny*
Product: Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15

MsChikee: Hi Jenny, how are you?

Jenny:Very well thanks honey ;-)

MsChikee: So you've been using the Clinique's Even Better foundation for how many weeks now?

Jenny: About 6 weeks now.

MsChikee: Prior to using it, what were your problem areas or concerns on your skin (if there's any) that made you decide on this foundation?

Jenny: Round The side of my nose was very dry and has improved a lot since using this foundation and that is why I changed in the first place.

MsChikee: what skin type do you have? and do you get break out easily on new foundation?

Jenny: Dry to combination and yes I do break out with new foundations but I had no problems with this brand.

MsChikee: And after using it for a few weeks now, do you notice any improvements?

Jenny: Definitely my skin is no longer dry and I haven’t had any break outs.

MsChikee: What do you like the most about this foundation?

Jenny: That it is easy to apply and has an even finish.

MsChikee: Dislikes? if any.

Jenny: No none at all.

MsChikee: Will you recommend it to someone else?

Jenny: Definitely :)

Mschikee: Will you repurchase?

Jenny: Sure will be :)

MsChikee: Thank you so much for being such a good sport on this one. We'll go shopping again one day.

Jenny: No worries and we'll definitely go shopping again.

So there you go, tomorrow I'll have another interview posted on and it's about the same product reviewed by another colleague :)

I had fun shopping with her and I am very pleased that she loved the foundation :)

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