NEW Stila - now available in Australia :)

30 June 2009

New Stila collection now available in Mecca Cosmetica
One of the things that i'd liket to try out is the Stila Bronzing Tinted Moisturiser.

Another thing I'd like to try is the Stila Charmed Eyeshadow palette. Now I am not uber excited about the packaging but I am keen to the selection of colours in this palette.

The only Stila palette i own is the Marakesh quad which is a staple if you're into neutral shades. Also i find their eyeshadows to be very soft and velvety (?) and easy to blend.

If you're a fan of Stila products and you live in Australia then head to your local Mecca Cosmetica store because they got new Stila range out now.

You know where I am heading out today :P

MsChikee's Birthday Wishlist '09!

29 June 2009

Birthday Wishlist - EDITED - i've removed some items (red) and replaced it with new ones. Reason for replacing it? I've seen them in person and I don't like them anymore.

My birthday is coming up and as always i love spoiling myself with things hehehe

This was the original list and somehow I've managed to get some of them and hence it's off the list :)

  1. Tiffany Key Charm Necklace
  2. Country Road - Jacket - Twilight inspired (IMO) hahaha
  3. Benefit Coralista
  4. Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow Liner
  5. Two-faced Shadow Insurance - Tinted ones
  6. Nars Sabrina Philosophy - HOPE IN A JAR
  7. Husband* - AHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, CHANEL COCO Mademoiselle!!
  8. T-Shirt with Bow details - still haven't found one A NEW Oroton Bag
  9. MAC Humid Eyeshadow - HAHA
  10. Kiehl's Lipgloss (any - just want to try one) New Haircut and colour
  11. Twilight DVD
  12. B&B Surf spray
  13. Chi Silk Fusion - must find a way to get one :( only available in Melbourne?
  14. MAC 129 Brush Full Size
  15. MAC Euristocrats and MAC Colourcraft all of it? - LOL - i can feel my pocket screaming for pain.
It's only 15 items :P
Wait till next year when it's the BIG 3-0 then it will be massive... just kidding.

So much wants so little money... AHAHAHAHAHAHA

It's time to Back2MAC!! - Fanfare :)

Back to MAC peeps! I love it when i finish off 6 MAC items, it means new lipstick! For those who don't know yet, if you finish off 6 MAC items and return it to a MAC counter, you get a free lipstick. If you return it to a Pro-store you can get an eyeshadow or lipgslass.

I only finished 4 items (see my Project 10 pan update) then my auntie gave me 2 empty MAC lippies and I was just over the moon!

The selection process is gruelling! I wonder why it's harder when it's free? Anyway, I already had something in mind before heading to MAC. I was thinking of MAC Cremesheen - Shy Girl! I've been eyeing that for a while but never got to buying it due to my Project 10 pan. So off I went and returned the empty pans then asked the lipstick I wanted and to my horror the MAC Makeup artist said "oh, it hasn't been made permanent yet!". OK, this particular MA will normally stir me up with things like "oh MAC foundations don't break you out" when I was in front of her showing that it broke me out... clearly we don't have a good relationship like i do with other MA in that counter.

So I was left with a new dilemma - choosing which lipstick to get! I am clearly sticking with Cremesheen formulation because I just love how moisturising it is on the lips. After a few minutes (more like 20mins) I came down to 2 choices - Ravising and FanFare.

Ravishing - is more orange/peach/coral kind of lippie which I have tons.

FanFare - more on the pink and a little bit of coral touch to it but more on the pink. It's not hot pink though like some reviews i've read... well not on my lips at least and it looks very pretty on my hand... :P

After another long thought, I finally decided on MAC FanFare only because I reckon I don't own anything like it until i went home... LOL

I got home and checked my collection and found that this is similar to MAC Skew which by the way is already discontinued. So if you love that lipstick then FanFare can be a good substitute.

FanFare is a little more pigmented and more on the pink side than Skew so technically they are still different.
I wore it last saturday and learned that I should have a simple smokey look to pull this off.
This actually makes my teeth look whiter :)

Sigh..I can't wait to finish another 6 items and until then please give me suggestions on what to get next... I am hoping more cremesheen will become permanent!

OLD NEW LOVE: Revlon ColourStay 12hr Quad - CopperSpice

24 June 2009

Old New Love ahhh... i've finished my project 10 pan - i'll post something about it later but for now it's all about my old new love.
Someone ask me why not say new old love? I say because it's my blog :P seriously, Old New Love - it's Old because I purchased it a long time ago and just didn't get enough lovin' from me for a while and New Love because I am falling inlove with it again.

Anyway so today's Old New Love is my Revlon's ColourStay 12Hr Quad in CopperSpice. I got it last year around July - it's very warm and rich and in a crazy weather we're having right now i need warmth! hehehe

I used all of the colours in the quad and blended it really well. I didn't go over board and only maintained a work friendly look.

I find Revlon quads to be reasonably priced in Australia. For a quad with colours that complement each other, 12 hours lasting power and SoftFlex for easy blending - AUD$20+ is cheap.

Places like Target and Kmart will always have buy 1 get 1 free or 20-50% off so always watch out for those catalogues in your mailboxes.

ICE Accessories also sells cheap Revlon quads - i think around AUD$14 to AUD$17 per quad but the selection is limited.

Myers and David Jones will have gift time or release events so even if you pay AUD$20+ when it's gift time you'll get goodies and as always we love gifts!

Are you a fan of Revlon quads too?

I like it Messy!

22 June 2009

Hair that is! :P Another product included in my Hall of Fame - Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Again it's not a makeup product but I reckon it's still part of that beauty related products :) I love it because it's easy to use, very effective and it won The Vogue Beauty Election! hehehe

This is a totally new thing for me. You see if you grew up in Philippines it's all about perfect straight long black shiny hair. It's a crime to get out of the house with a messy-less-than-perfect hair. Luckily I have a naturally straight hair so it was less effort however it is not close to perfect so occassionaly i still had to iron it :(

Since coming to Australia, I've been very attracted to messy-bedroom hairdo. It wasn't an easy transition for me though and it was a struggle to create the look as I always end up like someone who forgot to brush their hair (for weeks) or had a fight with chickens (well you got the idea).

But that's over now since I found this product! I first saw it in a magazine but I thought it was a spray tan... hehe Then i received this brochure from Mecca Cosmetica and they featured this product and guess who swears by it? Ellen Pompeo aka Meredith Grey (Grey's Anatomy) and i love her hair!!

Long story short - I went ahead and purchased it, used it on my Saturday night out and it was the best hairdo i've had in years!!! I mean it was mean, sexy, messy but not crazy! I felt so sexy but in a very sophisticated way :)

Here's the product description:

Bumble and bumble

Surf Spray

Sexy, salty, sun-dried, wind swept styles - whenever, wherever.

Great for anyone and excellent for wavy types and surfers with winter blues. Adds body to fine hair and a nice texture for silver hair.

Use anytime after Prep or Tonic Lotion, during styling.

Apply by working through damp or dry hair, let dry naturally or blow-dry with a diffuser. Or on dry hair for detailing and adding lift at the roots. The less you touch it, the longer it will hold.

Source: Mecca Cosmetica

If you're into messy/bedroom hair then you should try this one!

Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15 Review by Jenny*

18 June 2009

If you read my intial post about Clinique Even Better Makeup I mentioned that I helped two colleagues to get some new foundation and they got the Clinique even better foundation. I also promised that I will interview them in a few weeks time to know how they find the product and what not. So here it is Part 1:

Subject: Jenny*
Product: Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15

MsChikee: Hi Jenny, how are you?

Jenny:Very well thanks honey ;-)

MsChikee: So you've been using the Clinique's Even Better foundation for how many weeks now?

Jenny: About 6 weeks now.

MsChikee: Prior to using it, what were your problem areas or concerns on your skin (if there's any) that made you decide on this foundation?

Jenny: Round The side of my nose was very dry and has improved a lot since using this foundation and that is why I changed in the first place.

MsChikee: what skin type do you have? and do you get break out easily on new foundation?

Jenny: Dry to combination and yes I do break out with new foundations but I had no problems with this brand.

MsChikee: And after using it for a few weeks now, do you notice any improvements?

Jenny: Definitely my skin is no longer dry and I haven’t had any break outs.

MsChikee: What do you like the most about this foundation?

Jenny: That it is easy to apply and has an even finish.

MsChikee: Dislikes? if any.

Jenny: No none at all.

MsChikee: Will you recommend it to someone else?

Jenny: Definitely :)

Mschikee: Will you repurchase?

Jenny: Sure will be :)

MsChikee: Thank you so much for being such a good sport on this one. We'll go shopping again one day.

Jenny: No worries and we'll definitely go shopping again.

So there you go, tomorrow I'll have another interview posted on and it's about the same product reviewed by another colleague :)

I had fun shopping with her and I am very pleased that she loved the foundation :)

Colour me Purple please!

16 June 2009

One of the all time favourite winter hue is Purple. It's royal, elegant, rich and sexy especially on smokey eyes!

It's one of my favourite look to do and in fact when I got the MAC Shadowy Lady quad from the Cult of Cherry collection last year I was so excited to use it. Since we have the reverse season down under, i had to wait for 6 months before i can fully utilise the quad. Don't get me wrong, this baby was not neglected at all. I've been using it but always on the safe side meaning just the classic smokey look that is work friendly.

My birthday is coming up and this is one of the looks I want to do if i dont change my mind. The look is a very party purple and it's from the very famous makeup gurus on YT - Fafinettex3 and MakeupbyRenRen
I love both makeup looks that they do on YT because we have the same skin tone, eyeshape and eye colour hence if it suits them then it suits me too :)

Before I leave you with the videos, here's a list of purple eyeshadow that you may want to try:

1. MUFE (Makeup Forever) No. 92 - as far as I know this is not available in the state i am in but it could be available in Sydney and Melbourne. This is the BEST purple that I know of, it's very rich, pigmented, soft and easy to blend and just a great purple hue.

2. MAC Shadowy Lady - this is the darkest purple that I know from MAC. There are other deep purples but most of it are Pro colours and we don't have a pro store here in WA.

3. Revlon Aubergine eyeshadow (Matte Collection)

Anyway, enjoy the vids and talk to you soon all :)

Let's fake it....

... use Falsies! Funny term "falsies" - n. false eyelashes - I've been a fan of falsies for some time now. I've tried the semi permanent ones and the strip ones.

Yesterday, a friend brought up this topic, false eyelashes and it gave an idea of what my next post should be... hehehe

If you're thinking of faking it (false eyelashes that is) then here are some tips and vids that could help you harness that skill in putting it / maintaining it / removing it.

Personally I am still not a pro in applying it on but I'm much better than when I did my first attempt and much cleaner.

It use to take me forever to apply them and sometimes after creating a really nice eye makeup I ruin it by applying falsies because the glue goes on the lid. Anyway, here are are some tips that I've learned so far:

1. Invest on a glue. I use MAC Duo Adhesive (note: you can use this glue on body sparkles as well... hehehe be like EdwardCullen)

2. Know your eyeshape and what works with it. ie, I do have small eyes hence i prefer half strip lashes.

3. Wash your lashes before you store them so you can extend its life usage. I'll share a vid at the end of this post for everyone.

4. Practise, Practise, Practise!

Here is a video of one of the best makeup gurus on YT - Julieg713 - False Lashes (Embedding doesn't work so just click the link).

Another video I want to share is from the Enkore

There are countless videos on YT that you could help you enhance this skill so don't stop from here. :)

For Tiff :)

MAC Collections I can't wait to come to Australia :)

15 June 2009

I've been out of touch with YT and the makeup world since the house moving and I am only getting back to the hang of it now.

Also with Project 10 Pan still on board with Excellentmakeup's ship, I trained myself not to watch any haul vids from US / UK makeup lovers so I won't get tempted to buy any makeup. Well, it wasn't that much of an effort because after the Colour Ready collection - nothing has wowed me and we're still on A Rose Romance collection which is like a million years ago for US and Europe Mac lovers.

So while sick and off from work (blame the crazy weather) I started to visit Temptalia who if you're a makeup junkie would know that she is the know-how-know-when is the next MAC collection gonna be released. I'd like to know what's coming and start saving up for it like a good girl :)

And here's one of the collection I'm excited about! First, MAC Euristocrats 2 :)

If you visit Temptalia's website, you'll see better pics of what's in the collection. I love that it has Dazzleglasses in it!

The second one is the MAC Colourcraft (I can't find photos of the collection.. but will keep on trying and will post later) and you know why... it's because it got some Mineralise Skinfinishes!! (I do collect them BTW).

Both are going to be released in July 09 in the US and probably around September or August if we're lucky here in Australia.

I can't wait!

PS. I just got a word from my fave MAC Makeup Artist - both of these collections are coming out 3 August 2009 Western Australia.

Project 10 Update and a....

14 June 2009

...decision! I dont know if you read my last Project 10 update which I promised to used up to 20 items before purchasing makeup... well I've decided not to that anymore only because I think it defeats the purpose. 

I think first phase of this project is really a trial and trust me I've learned a lot... and I will take that on board on my next attempt.

Ok,  I am not done with Project 10 Pan .. i am still 1 item away to finish my 10 items!
So here's where I am at....

(Top Row - L-R): MAC MSF Natural, MAC Select Powder, MAC MSF Natural
(Bottom Row - L-R): Two-faced Duo Eyeshadow Lucky Charm, Covergirl Lash Blast, MAC Shadestick Taupography, Revlon Fabulash, Maybelline Lash Discovery, Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup

I wouldn't be repurchasing any of these because I still quite a few to go over :)
My only worry now is I don't have any face powder since I finished off my second MSF Natural... sigh... :(

Also I lost 2 lipglasses that are missing and I think I may have mistakenly threw it out during my moving house! (bummer!!) And those were almost finished! 

Anyway, I am 1 item away. I am not in a hurry because we are still on MAC Rose Romance Collection and I don't like anything from so yeah I still have time. 

After this first attempt of Project 10 Pan, i will take a rest and hopefully i won't go on a makeup shopping frenzy!

How are you doing with your Project 10 Pan?

In and Out Number 1 :)

12 June 2009

I think this is my first in and out.. (I think) but I just love the idea and I enjoy reading them from other blogs.


  1. Philippine Independence day – even though “technically” I am no longer a Filipino citizen, I am still a Filipino J Happy Independence Day Philippines! I am having coffee with some Spanish friends later – we’ll recap what happened in 1898
  2. Winter! I LOVE cold weather (with a passion) maybe because I lived most my life in Manila where humidity is my twin and I got tired of it. In winter, my pores are smaller hence less oil hence nice looking skin hence nice makeup. I love it!
  3. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation – it really is a great foundation especially in cold weather. I used it before when it was still summer-ish (Autumn) and my face was so shiny it’s not even funny.
  4. My iphone! It has come back to life! Wooppee.. Dear my iphone, I’ve missed you soo much.
  5. Friday – need I say more?


  1. Harem pants – every time I see someone wearing it I want to say “Can’t touch this.. Hammer time!” There are girls who can pull it off and there are some who miss.
  2. My Mineralised Skin Finish Natural – this is the second one that I hit the pan! Oh no! what now brown cow? I don’t have something to set my foundation! TO be honest, I lost count of my Project 10 Pan since the move but I will gather them all and see how far I am.
  3. Lost lipglasses – it’s such a bummer that after I’ve opened all my boxes still no sign of 2 lipglosses (MAC Love Nectar and MAC Grapefruit something from Neo-Sci Fi!)
  4. CHK, CHK, CHK BOOM Girl (search this on YT, you’ll see) – It’s just weird that the whole nation is promoting her in so many different ways knowing she didn’t do anything special except lie to the police and call Europeans “wogs”.
  5. Short-shorts and Ugg boots combo – when it’s like 5 Degrees Celcius – would you really? Short shorts and Ugg boots? Possible a singlet and scarf? Would you?

Anyway, that’s it for me for today.
Happy Friday!

HALL OF FAME: Chloe Body Creme

11 June 2009

I just couldn't resist a new post! I'm still without internet at home but I'm back at work so technically I have access to the world wide web hence this new post (yay!) btw - anyone saw the New Moon trailer?!?!? i thought so :) Can't wait for November or December in our case here down under.. hopefully it's a world wide release... hehe i think i'm on a different tangent apologies!

On to my real post :) ... added to my Hall of Fame - Chloe Body Creme.

Some of you may argue it's not makeup but it's under the beauty-related product, don't you think? well, i think so.

I love this body creme as much as I love the perfume. In summer body cremes are just too heavy in my opinion especially Australian summer! But in winter when the cold air dries your skin this is great fix for it.

I love the smell that stays not only on your skin but on your clothes too! also how it leaves your skin sooo soft and hydrated!

I am a body moisturiser fanatic. I mean I really spend time in a supermarket / cosmetics counter deciding what to get. I have different favourites every season and I have some all time faves that i've been using since my mum introduced it to me.

I have 3 categories when i organise my body moisturiser - special occassion; current fave; all time skin saver. Chloe Body Creme used to belong to Special Occassion but now it's on the Current Fave as I use it almost everyday if not 2x a day :) Why keep something when you can use and enjoy it now. It's all about now I reckon.

Well, It's not all positive you see, it has some downside as well:

1. It's a little bit pricey for my liking but I reckon try to get it when they are having the fragrance promo because the lotion is usually the free gift and it always comes in full size :)

2. The container itself is glass and it's bloody heavy. It makes me nervous coz if i drop it in my bathroom then it will either break my bathroom floor or break itself then break my floor.

Other than that, it's definitely a favourite :) have you tried this lotion?

Taking a break... Moving houses :)

02 June 2009

I've moved houses and currently without internet.. boohooo!
I miss everyone and miss YouTube!
I am still yet to unpack all my things and what not so until then I won't be able to update my lovely blog.
I am on twitter though ... since that can be updated through my mobile.
I'll try the blogger application on iphone so maybe i can squeeze in some posts in between.
But until then, i'll be back soon...
Internet people - please connect my internet :P