OLD NEW LOVE: Stila quad - Marrakesh

01 May 2009

This is what happens when you commit to Project 10 Pan, you'll find makeup hidden treasures aka neglected makeup.

This quad has been in my makeup drawer for almost 2 years now. I see it every time I opened my makeup drawer but amazingly enough I tend to forget to use it or just say hi! you know open it up check if it's still good. But it is well kept and neatly piled up with the rest of my quads.

But not until today! Since I started wearing a uniform to work (i know BOOO!!) I look exactly the same every single day. I know I'll get tired of it but in the mean time, my saving grace is makeup looks.

Each day I do a different makeup look/colour and today is Marrakesh day! I know, it sounds like Cirque du Soleil-ish! This quad is from Stila and it was a limited edition, i think back in early 2008. There was another quad that came out with this one but it more on Purple/Pinks and at that time I was so afraid of colours. BTW, This is my first ever quad, can you believe it?! And the reason I bought this was because of Pursebuzz, she was so inlove with this product I thought I gotta have it too.

The colours are very wearable. In fact this will suit any skin tone and eye colour. The colours compliment each other which is always a plus! It's travel friendly because the compact is just the perfect size. And oh the colours are very easy to blend! Seriously, i completely forgot how smooth these eyeshadows are! They are amazingly soft. You can compare it to a MAC veluxe pearl finish (smoothness-wise). As for pigmentation, it's great! All of the e/s got flecks of gold (on brown and gold) and silver (on both the pinks).

I am currently using only 3 colours:

1. Lightest pink - all over the lid
2. Dark Brown - on the crease & outer-V and also lower lash line - (Subtle Smokey effect look)
3. Gold - on the tear duct to open up the eyes
4. Line both water line and upper lashline with black pencil
5. Mascara

I think if you're lucky you can get this on eBay but be warned that the price might be 3x of what it was originally worth. If not then you can always get dupes. NYX and Faceshops got similar eyeshadows for a cheaper price.

Note: In Australia, Stila is priced ridiculously compared to US.

So my old new love, Stila Marrakesh - I wonder what's next?

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