OLD NEW LOVE: Revlon's Glossy Rose Lipgloss

05 May 2009

In honour of Project 10 Pan, I've found another old new love and this time it's Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Glossy Rose.
This was my first Revlon lipgloss as far as I can remember. I bought it on my first pay cheque from my IT first job after finishing uni. Looking back now, I always reward myself with something makeup. So definitely I took tiny baby steps of makeup collecting. I think before i was more "what i need" but now well you know it's "what i want and i want it now". BUT that's changing thanks to Project 10 Pan.

So onto the product. This is lovely rose pink with silver specks. The formulation is great and it's not as heavy as a MAC lipglass. It doesn't have an SPF in it unlike the newer Revlon lipglosses but nevertheless this is one great makeup must have if you're starting or you're into lipglosses. It has that rose scent to it and the good ol' sponge applicator.

You can wear this on its own or on top of a similar coloured lipstick. Also I find Revlon lipglosses very moisturising and lasts long on your lips.

The colour is very feminine IMO and if paired with subtle pink cheeks then you're in for a softer-feature-youthful look. Again in my opinion :)

Today I just wore it on its own because my lips are doing good these past few days. I've always used this on it's own anyway because i reckon that it's my natural lip colour only better.. (i bet you've heard that before!)

Revlon is available in most stores (ie Myer, David Jones, chemists/drugstore, Target, KMart, etc).

TIP: ICE Accessories store carries some US Revlon range cheaper than those in other stores mentioned above but is very limited. Priceline, Target, Big W and Kmart always have the buy 1 get one free promo almost every month :)


  1. can you still use it? i thought they only have a lifespan of 2 years. heheheh

  2. i thought so too but this one is still good :) my personal criteria - texture (if it's too dry or you can see the oil then it's off) and smell (if it reeks with some weird smell then throw away).


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