EOTD: MAC Cult of Cherry - Tempting Quad

06 May 2009

So it's definitely getting cooler especially in the morning which I love! I love cold weather.. i feel youthful in coldness HAHA maybe because my pores shrink and my skin behaves better :)

So on to my EOTD - Eye (makeup) of the Day - MAC Cult of Cherry Tempting Quad

1. MAC Sharp e/s (lime green) - on lid up to the crease

2. MAC Next to nothing e/s (beige) - tear duct

3. MAC Dark Edge e/s (dark brown) - outer-V blended inwards on the crease and also applied on lower lash line

4. MAC Ricepaper e/s (not part of the quad) - brow bone highlight

5. MAC Engraved power point - line waterline and upper lash line

6. Mascara

My attempt was a bit scary and loud at first but after blending like crazy it is now work friendly. Now if I wish to go out tonight and revamp this look, i would just retouch on the lime green, add MAC Tempting e/s (brown-gold) and reline my water line and maybe put on some falsies :)

MAC Cult of Cherry was release last year around Nov - Dec 08 (in Australia).It was when the rest of the world were hibernating in cold and Australia was buzzing up in heat. I didnt get a chance to really utilise all of the colours especially the "loud one" (lime green) as my ManFriend would say only because in summer I always opt for a more neutral eye makeup and just focus on my blusher/bronzer/highlighter.

I feel victorious for using it today! And now I can't wait to use the other 2 quads! yes i know *guilty grin*


  1. where do you find the time to put all these on in the morning. HAHAHAH...

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  3. hahaha... when you're in uniform you'll find ways and means to look different everyday lah... this is my compromise...

  4. Anything to do with Cherry and MAC, I'm intrigued!! Sigh..Stopped buying makeup for months! miss buying a new product from MAC or Bobbi Brown, etc. Anyway, I'm digressing..Love your website!! I like the youtube ones too :) I'm waiting for my website to magically appear. see ya!


  5. @Ira - i have stopped buying makeup for a while now because of Project 10 Pan :) Let me know when you got your website started so i can check it out :)


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