HALL OF SHAME: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free

22 May 2009

Well, sadly this belongs to my Hall of Shame.
Don't get me wrong, I love Laura Mercier but it's just this didn't work for me.
Let me tell you why i bought this baby in the first place:
1. Oil Free
2. SPF 20
3. Tinted Moisturiser (buidable)
At the time that i bought this i was using Clinique's Tinted Moisturiser and I was already happy with it but I thought i could do better with a better SPF.
In Australia, Laura Mercier is quite expensive. Like this baby here costed me $75 :(
I was willing to get it at that time because of the countless reviews (good ones) that I read/watched/heard.
The first few days - I noticed that it actually oxidised on me. Like I put it on first thing in the morning - all good. After a few hours later I looked like I just came out from a Tanning Salon.
Then after the first - i broke out in tiny pimples! It's not a hormonal one as it was just on the surface and it's just too many of them :(
I've stopped using it and haven't touched it since.
If this product works for you then good on you. I really hoped that it did the same to me.
I've got a broken heart :(

HALL OF FAME: Lucas Papaw Ointment

15 May 2009

The first product to be featured in my new series HALL OF FAME is Lucas Pawpaw Ointment

Where do I start with this product? Well first let me tell you that our fellow Aussie Supermodel - Miranda Kerr - swears by this product. In her Vogue interview she shared that she travels with this little baby. Isn't that enough to go gaga on this product? :P

Anyway this ointment can be used on absolutely anything skin related and that includes your lips! If boys have their swiss knife - this is women's counter part. I mean it's a bad analogy because it's like apples and oranges but what I am trying to say is that usage wise this red tube does wonders!

Here some things that you can use it on: (source: www.lucaspapaw.com.au)









Dry and Cracked skin on hands and feet

Gravel rash

Heat rash

Insect stings

Mosquito bites

Open wounds




Swelling associated with injury Splinters and thorns

Tinea Whitlow


Nappy Rash and Cracked Nipples

Temporary relief of the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema

Temporary relief of the discomfort of haemorrhoids by local application

I use this on my lips, insect bites, cuts (paper cuts) and a lot. I love this product so much I have 1 in my bag, 2 at home, 1 at work and 1 in the car!

This is available Australia wide and it comes in tube and pots and the best part is... it's CHEAP :)

If you're overseas and you've seen this in your local stores, let me know. I'd like to know if this red tube has gone global :)

OLD NEW LOVE: Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss - Ginger

13 May 2009

I like this series of Old new loves...thanks to Project 10 Pan!

I stumble upon this little baby when i was emptying one of my purses. I got happy seeing it because I thought I lost it somewhere. I really gave up finding it and opted for buying a new one but then again my attention was drawn to something else everytime I visit the Clinique counter.

After finding it, I was hesitant to use it only because I can't remember when I bought it and i don't know if it's off/expired. Let's just say I took the risk and started using it. And my oh my, I am falling inlove with it again! it's like love the second time around. I remember how inlove i was with it. Now I wonder why I stopped looking for it... :)

I remember going to 3 different stores to get the colour that I wanted which is Ginger. It's the perfect nude for an NC40 like me.

About the product (based on my experience)
It definitely gives what it promises - Relieves your lips from dryness. The best part is it doesn't look like you ate something oily because it's tinted. It's a bit sticky which makes it last on your lips a little bit longer than other lip balm. So if you hate sticky lipglosses / lip balm then stay away from this.

Personally, it's one of my HG when it comes to dry lips. I tend to get really dry lips in winter or in between seasons (ie autumn, spring). The kind of dry that when you try to wet it with your own saliva it gets worst and it stings! And if you 'suddenly' smile then chances are your lips will bleed... ouch! My other lipbalm HG is the Lucas Papaw ointment which will be in another post. :)

I wonder what's my next old new love :) It's for me to know and for you to find out :)

EOTD: MAC Cult of Cherry - Tempting Quad

06 May 2009

So it's definitely getting cooler especially in the morning which I love! I love cold weather.. i feel youthful in coldness HAHA maybe because my pores shrink and my skin behaves better :)

So on to my EOTD - Eye (makeup) of the Day - MAC Cult of Cherry Tempting Quad

1. MAC Sharp e/s (lime green) - on lid up to the crease

2. MAC Next to nothing e/s (beige) - tear duct

3. MAC Dark Edge e/s (dark brown) - outer-V blended inwards on the crease and also applied on lower lash line

4. MAC Ricepaper e/s (not part of the quad) - brow bone highlight

5. MAC Engraved power point - line waterline and upper lash line

6. Mascara

My attempt was a bit scary and loud at first but after blending like crazy it is now work friendly. Now if I wish to go out tonight and revamp this look, i would just retouch on the lime green, add MAC Tempting e/s (brown-gold) and reline my water line and maybe put on some falsies :)

MAC Cult of Cherry was release last year around Nov - Dec 08 (in Australia).It was when the rest of the world were hibernating in cold and Australia was buzzing up in heat. I didnt get a chance to really utilise all of the colours especially the "loud one" (lime green) as my ManFriend would say only because in summer I always opt for a more neutral eye makeup and just focus on my blusher/bronzer/highlighter.

I feel victorious for using it today! And now I can't wait to use the other 2 quads! yes i know *guilty grin*

OLD NEW LOVE: Revlon's Glossy Rose Lipgloss

05 May 2009

In honour of Project 10 Pan, I've found another old new love and this time it's Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Glossy Rose.
This was my first Revlon lipgloss as far as I can remember. I bought it on my first pay cheque from my IT first job after finishing uni. Looking back now, I always reward myself with something makeup. So definitely I took tiny baby steps of makeup collecting. I think before i was more "what i need" but now well you know it's "what i want and i want it now". BUT that's changing thanks to Project 10 Pan.

So onto the product. This is lovely rose pink with silver specks. The formulation is great and it's not as heavy as a MAC lipglass. It doesn't have an SPF in it unlike the newer Revlon lipglosses but nevertheless this is one great makeup must have if you're starting or you're into lipglosses. It has that rose scent to it and the good ol' sponge applicator.

You can wear this on its own or on top of a similar coloured lipstick. Also I find Revlon lipglosses very moisturising and lasts long on your lips.

The colour is very feminine IMO and if paired with subtle pink cheeks then you're in for a softer-feature-youthful look. Again in my opinion :)

Today I just wore it on its own because my lips are doing good these past few days. I've always used this on it's own anyway because i reckon that it's my natural lip colour only better.. (i bet you've heard that before!)

Revlon is available in most stores (ie Myer, David Jones, chemists/drugstore, Target, KMart, etc).

TIP: ICE Accessories store carries some US Revlon range cheaper than those in other stores mentioned above but is very limited. Priceline, Target, Big W and Kmart always have the buy 1 get one free promo almost every month :)

OLD NEW LOVE: Stila quad - Marrakesh

01 May 2009

This is what happens when you commit to Project 10 Pan, you'll find makeup hidden treasures aka neglected makeup.

This quad has been in my makeup drawer for almost 2 years now. I see it every time I opened my makeup drawer but amazingly enough I tend to forget to use it or just say hi! you know open it up check if it's still good. But it is well kept and neatly piled up with the rest of my quads.

But not until today! Since I started wearing a uniform to work (i know BOOO!!) I look exactly the same every single day. I know I'll get tired of it but in the mean time, my saving grace is makeup looks.

Each day I do a different makeup look/colour and today is Marrakesh day! I know, it sounds like Cirque du Soleil-ish! This quad is from Stila and it was a limited edition, i think back in early 2008. There was another quad that came out with this one but it more on Purple/Pinks and at that time I was so afraid of colours. BTW, This is my first ever quad, can you believe it?! And the reason I bought this was because of Pursebuzz, she was so inlove with this product I thought I gotta have it too.

The colours are very wearable. In fact this will suit any skin tone and eye colour. The colours compliment each other which is always a plus! It's travel friendly because the compact is just the perfect size. And oh the colours are very easy to blend! Seriously, i completely forgot how smooth these eyeshadows are! They are amazingly soft. You can compare it to a MAC veluxe pearl finish (smoothness-wise). As for pigmentation, it's great! All of the e/s got flecks of gold (on brown and gold) and silver (on both the pinks).

I am currently using only 3 colours:

1. Lightest pink - all over the lid
2. Dark Brown - on the crease & outer-V and also lower lash line - (Subtle Smokey effect look)
3. Gold - on the tear duct to open up the eyes
4. Line both water line and upper lashline with black pencil
5. Mascara

I think if you're lucky you can get this on eBay but be warned that the price might be 3x of what it was originally worth. If not then you can always get dupes. NYX and Faceshops got similar eyeshadows for a cheaper price.

Note: In Australia, Stila is priced ridiculously compared to US.

So my old new love, Stila Marrakesh - I wonder what's next?