Tips on applying Cream Blushes

06 April 2009

We recently purchased our first cream blush (MAC Blushcreme - Ladyblush) and we are still learning how to apply it.

So far, here's what we found out about cream blushes:

1. Best (suitable) for dry skin or combination skin where the cheeks are the dry part because the cream contains oil that will help moisturise the cheeks

2. It's great on cooler weather

3. It's less streaky and gives a natural finish compared to powder blush

4. Lasts longer than powder blush if used properly

5.  They are pretty :)

Ok, number 5 is subjective but anything that makes you look healthy is pretty :)

Tools that you can use:

1. Mighty old fingers
2. Foundation brush (yep, read that right)
3. Stippling brush (ie MAC 187)
4. Wedge Sponge

How to apply:

1. Smile (to make cheekbones pop)
2. Using your fingers, apply a dime-size amount on each cheek
3. Blend (using any of the tools above) in circular motion towards your hairline
4. (Optional) Set with a powder blush in similar colour 

And here's our favourite video:

If you're using your fingers, make sure they're clean.

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