Smokey Eyes: Brown-Gold that's so Tempting ;)

07 April 2009

We at Excellent Makeup are always in search of classic smokey eyes look and we found another one! It's from SarahVictor (one of our favourite makeup gurus) - it's simple, fast, easy and gorgeous!

4 Things we're happy to see in this video:

1. MAC Tempting e/s - you'll always get an effortless look even on its own!
2. MAC Honey Lust e/s - isn't it the name enough? 
3. MAC Butternutty shadestick - we so can't wait for this shadestick - FYI, it's part of MAC Sugarsweet collection - coming out on 18 April in Australia *big grin*
4. Maybelline Lash Stilleto Mascara - we can't wait for this one either! - Dear Maybelline, can you please release this mascara now? pretty please? - Love, MsChikee

2 Things that we are "seriously" thinking of getting - *guilty grin*

1.  MAC Intenso mineralise blush - GrandDuo Collection - if it's not sold out yet... 
2. Enzo Milano clipless curling iron - Dear Economic Crisis, can you please end soon? so Australian dollar goes up then we can afford this beautiful hair tool - Love, MsChikee

Just like what SarahVictor suggested, to avoid your shadestick drying out quickly, make sure that you close the lid properly - remember 2 Clicks! :)

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