Review: Faceshop Volumising/Volumizing Mascara - Black

29 April 2009

Faceshop is a Korean cosmetics company. I assume that they are big in Korea because they have quite a few franchises all over South East Asia, Australia and if I am not mistaken Walgreens (US) carries the range as well. For more info you can visit The Face Shop

As for mascara, they carry a few colours but as for black and brown they have the “Volumising” (01) and the “Lengthening” (02) and I’ve got the volumising one because I need volume! J

I heart this product so much it makes me cry. I had low expectations of it to be honest. I thought it’s too cheap, $10AUD compared to Covergirl lash blast $17AUD but I still gave it a go (just like any makeup junkie would do) and my oh my! The price is just the icing on top! This mascara does what it promises, volume! And if paired with Shiseido Mascara base then you’re there sister… the kingdom of false eyelashes effect!

So far here are the things we love about it:

1. Cheap – can’t beat that!

2. The formulation is great (even for contact lense wearer like me)

3. No panda-eye effect! Again a plus!

4. The brush is like a normal brush but somehow it picks up even the tiniest lash J

5. Easy to remove – you can use facial wipes or eye makeup remover or just good old water and facial cleanser.

Other product we like from this range is their false eyelashes! They one that is very similar to MAC’s Hello kitty lashes and it’s only a quarter of the price! (At least here in Australia that is).

Please watch this space for FOTD of before and after using it and also the lashes that I am talking about.
Don’t rub your eyes too much when removing your eye makeup. If the makeup is not coming off easily then it’s time to change that makeup remover

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  1. OOO.... I am tempted to have one now. I have the eyeliner and it's fantastic!!!

    i have to try the mascara now and go all the way to JO to get it. Maybe it's worth it. HAHAHA


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