NEW: Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15

30 April 2009

Well new to Australian consumer! Clinique's Even Better Makeup is now available in Australia.

I happen to stumble upon this by chance while helping 2 officemates to get a good foundation. I was going to suggest them MAC foundation (only because they both want FULL coverage) until I saw the huge sign and thought this is much better for them since I've noticed some sun damage already on their skin. My actual line was "MAC is only your quick fix to hide imperfection but this one (Clinique even better) is a longterm fix" - and guess what?! sold! i should've gotten a commission for that!

So I've used the Even Better Corrector serum for 6 months (sometime last year) and the only down side on that was it made my face lighter than the rest of my body. On a good side it 'erased' most of my freckles and post-breakout / acne sc discolouration.

Also I wished that the it has SPF as I had to pile up products on my face (ie, moisturiser + even better corrector + sunscreen + foundation)

And my wish came true!
*Don't worry I am still on my Project 10 Pan so i won't be purchasing this in the near future but my officemates did so I'll be hearing some feedback in couple of weeks or so and i'll post it here!)

So I did a little research for everyone's benefit, according to Clinique, the number one concern of women is hyperpigmentation which is normally caused by sun damage. I thought that this product is only for Mature women but I was told by the consultant that it's actually for any age but mainly targetting hyperpigmentation due to sun damage, ageing and acne scarring.

Vitamin C Complex and Vitamin E - to lighten the discolouration
Mushroom Yeast Extract
Natural Grapefruit peel
White birch extracts
Zinc Oxide - sunscreen
Titanium dioxide - sunscreen

Note: if you're allergic to any of these then stay away else you can always ask for samples to try to see. I know that Clinique's slogan is "allergy tested" but you'll never know so when in doubt ask for samples.

The product promises (1) Improved radiance; and (2) skin clarity while reducing visible signs of sun damage, dark patches, acne scarring and age spots.

Even Better Makeup SPF 15 is designed for dry, combination and oily skin types (yay!) and it has a matte finish. It's buildable so you can get a full coverage.

If you want to get faster results on removing discolouration then use the Even Better Corrector as well.

It's so satisfying to know that if you use Even Better Makeup you're giving your skin a favour by correcting any discolouration you have and you only use 1 product.

This product shouldn't be your means to an end (hyperpigmentation). Remember, don't pick your pimples and Slip, Slop, Slap - "slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, and slap on a hat".

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