A minor slip from Project 10 Pan and a Promise!

24 April 2009

OK OK I can justify this and my reason is valid... trust me.

So when i commit to Project 10 Pan - it was a real commitment. I felt so empowered and I was already saying 'no' to any makeup that calls my attention. I was tempted so many times but i just walked away from it all.

And in order to know that status of my makeup, I organised my collection from Full to almost used up and i mean the whole lot (fun times) and it was on Liquid Foundation that I slipped.

Please forgive for I have sinned, I've purchased a new liquid foundation - i know, i know i haven't reached my 10 things but hear me out please :)

I organised all my existing foundation. I currently have:

Clinique Perfectly real makeup - this is 2+ years old although it still good IMO, still works for me. However I dont use it on day to day basis because of the sparkles.. haha it's not like EdwardCullen-spakles (Note: Twilight mention again, LOL) but since i use MSFs everyday this will overdo it so it's for night time only.

Clinique Super Fit - one of my faves and only a year old - this doesn't have SPF so i haven't been using this lately and it feels heavy if i mix it with a sunscreen. so last summer this was in hybernation.

MAC Hyper Real - i hate this foundation because i get so hot when i use it. like my pores can't breathe or something and i'll just perspire and this broke me out so haven't touched it since then. This is only 6Mos old so i'll have to sell it or give it.

MAC Studio Sculpt - this is a gel foundation - doesn't count :P and i dont use this on daily basis only when it's cooler so i think in winter this baby is going be used and abused.

Revlon Matte Finish - this a mousse-like texture foundation - doesn't count :P and i hate the smell! it's too strong.. so I haven't been using it.

Revlon Colour Stay (SPF 15) - now this is 2+ years old too. And when i joined Project 10 Pan, i went back to using this since there only a quater of it left BUT when i pumped it the oil and the foundation was separated and reeked that weird smell! it's OFF!!

Considering my options, i dont have any liquid foundation that has that lasting power that i can use everyday. So i bought a Revlon Colour stay with SoftFlex SPF 6.

Here's a promise

Since I've prematurely purchased this without completing 10 items, I Mschikee promise not to buy anything until i finish another 10 (so i have to finish up 20 items)

Latest count of used of products:

MAC Select Pressed Powder
MAC MSF Natural (the old one)
Covergirl Lash Blast
Clinique Rose blush
Clinique High Impact mascara
Revlon ColourStay SPF 15

(Photos to be added soon)

6 Down - 14 to go :)


  1. OMG Woman!!! How many foundations do you need!!! HAHAHA

  2. HAHAHA.... theoretically 2, one for winter and one for summer:) but then your skin changes as you grow old then it requires a different kind :)


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