Makeup Tip: Defining your eyebrows

13 April 2009

Eyebrows are like shoes, it completes any look. There are certain keypoints to remember when defining your eyebrows like:

1. if you're going for bare eyes then eyebrows should be well defined in shape and colourwise it should be just as the same as your hair colour OR
2. if you're going for bright eye look then eyebrows should still be well defined shapewise but colourwise it should be a little bit lighter than your normal hair

Anyway, we here at Excellent makeup took some time researching on products best used in defining your eyebrows. So far we've gathered the following:

1. eyebrow pencil - the drier the texture the longer it will last on your brows. Our favourites are from MAC and Benefit cosmetics but if you're on a budget then you can opt for Rimmel or Maybelline for a cheaper option.

2. eyeshadow - yes, the oldest trick! We're loving MAC Embark e/s and MAC Showstopper e/s. Prestige's Chill palette - the brown e/s also does the trick. (Note: Also use an angled brush for more control and the eyeshadow should be a matte finish)

3. eyebrow kits - Anastasia is one of the most popular ones and it includes stencils to define the shape and what not.

We've also want to try the following:

1. MAC Brow finisher
2. Vaseline on brows - we wonder how this will hold up the brow colour and if this a good (cheaper) alternative

We've also watched a few YouTube videos on eyebrow tutorials and here's our Top 2 :)

Hope this helps you as it helped us.

If unsure of your eyebrow shape, please go see a professional. Eyebrows can make you look older or younger.

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