Day 5: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation VERDICT

05 April 2009

Project: MAC Studio Sculpt, to buy or not to buy?
Subject: MsChikee

Day 5 - Final Verdict

MsChikee couldn't wait no more! It's a yes for the foundation!

'Ugly' and 'Betty' were definitely hormonal breakout. Both are now gone and dusted and Mschikee's skin is back to normal.

Best applicator is a sponge wedge and second best is a foundation brush.

Ideal setting powder is the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural but MAC Select sheer powder will do just the same. (It depends on what look you're after)

Coverage can be built up for full coverage but one layer is more than enough.

It's definitely hydrating and ideal for drier weather or cooler weather.

- not good friends with humidity

*Project completed!
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - BUY!


  1. ey, nice to know that u have a blog!

  2. @Theresa -yeah, it's quite new. i have other blogs but this one is more on makeup :) thanks for visiting.


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